Senate parliamentarian rejects Democrats’ B immigration plan – .

Senate parliamentarian rejects Democrats’ B immigration plan – .

The senatorial parliamentarian rejected the Democrats’ bailout plan to incorporate immigration reform into a sweeping spending bill, inflicting a second setback on them.

Democrats had proposed to MP Elizabeth MacDonough to legalize millions of undocumented immigrants by changing the date on which undocumented immigrants to the United States can apply to adjust their legal status.

But MacDonough told Democrats the option was not valid, according to a copy of guidelines obtained by The Hill. Democrats are pursuing other back-up plans with the Senate arbitrator, according to a source close to Democrats’ strategy.

Changing the registration date is a “significant policy change and therefore our analysis of this issue is largely the same” as for the Democrats’ previous proposal to provide lawful permanent resident status to certain immigrants, MacDonough told the Democrats in its councils.

” It is sad. I don’t agree with her… but we’ll go to Plan C, ”Sen said. Robert MenendezRobert (Bob) MenendezBiden, don’t punish India Democrats reject harsh tactics against Senate MP Biden threatens new sanctions against Ethiopia and Eritrea over Tigray conflict MORE (DN.J.).

Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee Dick DurbinDick DurbinSchumer: Democrats ‘can’t and won’t’ raise debt ceiling through reconciliation (D-Ill.) Said he was “disappointed” with the decision and that it left them with “limited” options.

« [But] this always implied legal permanent residence; we knew we still had a real challenge, ”Durbin said of the pressure for a change in the date of the register.

Democrats initially suggested that MacDonough use their spending bill to provide 8 million green cards to immigrants in four groups: the “dreamers,” who came to the United States illegally as children; holders of temporary protected status (TPS); agricultural workers and other essential workers. But she dismissed that earlier this month, saying it was “not appropriate” for reconciliation, the budget process Democrats use to bypass filibuster on their spending bill.

Democrats then offered MacDonough a change to the registration date for certain undocumented immigrants and beneficiaries of humanitarian parole programs, essentially implementing a statute of limitations for prior unauthorized entries.

It currently allows undocumented migrants who arrived in the United States before 1972 to apply for legal status.

Changing the registration date to 2010 – allowing all migrants who have been in the country since that date to apply for residency – would make around 6.7 million people eligible for residency, according to an analysis by legal permanent residence.

MacDonough’s latest move immediately renewed calls from groups outside the Democrats to reject it – which they could do with a total unity of their 50 members plus Vice President Harris chairing the Senate. Top Democrats, including Menendez and Durbin, have indicated that won’t happen.

“While not surprising, the parliamentarian’s second recommendation is another deep disappointment. Parliamentarian MacDonough’s reasoning is clearly flawed and luckily his suggestions can be ignored, ”said Ju Hong, chairman of the board of the National Korean American Service & Education Consortium.

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