Home Local Scott Morrison “deliberately cheated on France” with a sub-deal, says Malcolm Turnbull...

Scott Morrison “deliberately cheated on France” with a sub-deal, says Malcolm Turnbull – .

Scott Morrison “deliberately cheated on France” with a sub-deal, says Malcolm Turnbull – .

Home Local Scott Morrison “deliberately cheated on France” with a sub-deal, according to Malcolm …

div> Australia canceled $ 90 billion contract with French company Naval Group to explore nuclear-powered submarines in deal with UK and US .

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The decision brought down diplomatic ties between Canberra and Paris, but Mr Turnbull warned of even more serious spillover effects.

“This is a terrible episode in Australia’s international affairs and its consequences will last a very long time to our detriment,” he said on Wednesday.

He said the Australian government looked down on the French by failing to tell President Emmanuel Macron that a nuclear option was under consideration.

“This betrayal of trust will hamper our relations with Europe for years to come,” said Mr Turnbull.

“It will not be forgotten. Whenever we seek to persuade another nation to trust us, someone will say ‘remember what he did to Macron’. “

“If they could throw France under a bus, what would they do to us?

Mr Turnbull revealed he spoke to Mr Macron – who is refusing Mr Morrison’s appeals – after the ruling.

Former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull (center right) and French President Emmanuel Macron (center left) aboard HMAS Canberra in 2018 (AAP)

Source: ON

He said statements that the French had been “stabbed in the back” were widespread across the government.

“What this tells you is that Australia cannot be trusted. When you behave in such a deceptive way internationally, it has a real impact on Australia, ”said Mr. Turnbull. noted.

The Morrison government maintains that it has kept negotiations with the United States and the United Kingdom secret to protect the national interest of Australia, which was allegedly not served by French diesel-powered boats.

Mr Turnbull criticized the “immature” comment which praised Mr Morrison for being clever in deceiving the French government.

“You are playing for good in international affairs, and spoiling your reputation as a trustworthy one is a terrible, terrible mistake,” he said.

Mr Turnbull said Australia was moving towards the most potentially dangerous form of propulsion without civilian or naval nuclear expertise.

“The fact that there was no discussion and this extraordinary deception that was practiced, it left us with so many unresolved questions,” he said.

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Image to read more article 'Emmanuel Macron open to talks with Scott Morrison if he is' seriously prepared'

He said anyone – including Labor – who questioned the decision was accused of being unpatriotic.

“I don’t get any talk about patriotism from Scott Morrison,” said Turnbull.

“I have stood up for the national security of this country and its national interest and I know the way it has behaved puts that at risk. “

Mr Turnbull, whose government signed the deal with Naval Group in 2016, denied that the cost of the deal had risen from $ 50 billion to $ 90 billion.

He argued that the original figure was a cost estimate that included the weapon system, a new dock in Adelaide and other items, while the higher amount was tied to the 35-year lifespan of the program.


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