Sander stand is possible cause of latest LRT derailment, says Manconi – .

Sander stand is possible cause of latest LRT derailment, says Manconi – .

Ottawa’s transportation chief said the derailment of a light rail train west of Tremblay station on Sunday afternoon appears to have been caused by a backing on a sanding unit that ‘got dislodged’ .
This is the second derailment in two months of Ottawa’s light rail system, which just celebrated its second anniversary of service.

“A sander used on these vehicles … which distributes sand to the wheels in cold or freezing weather for rail traction, the bracket that holds this unit could have come loose and could have caused the derailment,” John Manconi told the commission on Monday. of the city’s transport at its first meeting since June.

Manconi stressed that the discovery is by no means conclusive, but stems from conversations between security experts. Transportation Safety Board (TSB) investigators have not confirmed the cause of the derailment.

Manconi said the derailment does not appear to have been caused by a problem with the axles of the train, although OC Transpo’s Troy Charter has confirmed that the car involved in the most recent incident was among 10 that suffered axle repairs following a previous derailment on August 8. .

TSB investigators were also dispatched to investigate this earlier incident, in which a wheel came off the axle, Charter said.

Ottawa transit officials shared this image of the train car that derailed on August 8. When the train was lifted, it became apparent that a wheel had come off its axle, OC Transpo’s Troy Charter said Monday. (City of Ottawa)

Today, just six weeks later, service on Ottawa’s light rail system is once again indefinitely interrupted. Service will not resume until an independent safety expert reviews Rideau Transit Maintenance’s service recovery plan, Manconi told the committee.

“We are not deaf, we know there are concerns about security and trust,” Manconi said.

Manconi, who will retire soon after a 32-year career with the city, said he was putting together a group to perform an “end-to-end [review] of the whole system. “

Nicolas Truchon, CEO of Rideau Transit Group, is at the transit commission today to answer questions from commissioners and councilors. The TSB said its investigators would resume work on Monday.

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