post-match report, notes – .

post-match report, notes – .

Chelsea had a strong ten-minute opening, but that initial momentum quickly subsided thanks to an almost impenetrable wall of Juventus defenders and midfielders. Of course, it didn’t help that our passage was slow and uninspired, and our movement even worse. Chelsea’s only chance to score in the top 45 was a corner routine, with Alonso finding Lukaku on a final run, but his low left-footed shot lacked the power or precision to beat Szczesny.

On the other end, Juve’s pass wasn’t exactly stellar either, but they had some really good chances on the clock. Chiesa missed a few inches while Kovacic also stuck a toe in a timely manner.

The second half was about the same, except for the first 11 seconds, when Juve caught Chelsea taking a nap from the kick-off, winning a broad header, finding Bernardeschi, who found Chiesa crossing the penalty area with a superb pass. Ball. Chiesa had special attention on Rudiger, but was able to elevate her shot to clear the defender’s attempt to block, as well as Mendy. Excellent finish, that, and the only time to say the quality at this point.

And in fact, that would prove to be the only quality moment in the game, as Chelsea huffed and puffed but couldn’t do much to blow up Juve’s home. Lukaku came closest to the goal, but his shot from Chiesa was just a little higher than that of the Juve man, and therefore went over the crossbar rather than the roof of the net.

Chelsea kept trying to build up the pressure and had some decent chances to level it towards the end, but Juve saw their clean sheet with the expected aplomb.

1-0, not us.


  • As expected, back to 3-4-3, but Ziyech escaped alongside Lukaku and Havertz. Jovacic in the middle, Azpi & Alonso on the flanks, the three best backs.
  • Chilwell for Alonso at halftime. Alonso was also on a yellow.
  • Triple change on time, with CHO, RLC, Chalobah for Azpi, Ziyech and Jorginho. 3-5-2 with Lukaku and Havertz at the top, Chilwell and CHO in width. Basically a 3-3-4.
  • Barkley for Christensen as the final change, with Chalobah falling in the bottom three and Barkley playing in the forward midfield.
  • In the other match, Zenit easily eliminated Malmö, 4-0. Chelsea second in the group at the moment thanks to our victory over Zenit.
  • Next stop: Southampton at home on Saturday, then international break



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