Planning a winter vacation in Canada? What to do with a past criminal record – .

Planning a winter vacation in Canada? What to do with a past criminal record – .

At the end of the summer, tourists from the United States and other countries start planning a winter vacation or excursion to Canada. Canada is one of the best places to enjoy the winter season. Activities are endless in most tourist destinations across the country. It is important to note that if you are planning to travel to Canada this winter with a criminal record, you might have a nasty surprise waiting at the border.

Across the country, there are many winter activities and festivities that have also become an annual tradition for locals and an attraction for tourists. Planning a winter trip for yourself or for your family? Here are some of the most popular activities in Canada during the winter season:

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Ottawa, Ontario: Skate on the Rideau Canal. Each winter, this 7.8 km skate track becomes the largest ice rink in the world. When in use, it is open 24 hours a day. Almost a million visitors take advantage of this ice capade every year.

Whistler, British Columbia: Ski or snowboard at one of Canada’s most famous resorts. Located just hours north of Vancouver, the endless winter activities welcome all tourists even if you’re afraid of hitting the slopes.

Quebec City, Quebec: Stay at the world famous Ice Hotel, which is built annually in Quebec City. The Ice Hotel is mostly made of ice and snow. Its rooms are equipped with ice packs for beds, but don’t worry: mattresses and sleeping bags are provided.

Lake Louise, Alberta: Home to many winter activities such as dog sledding, skiing and snowshoeing and located two hours from Calgary. It is a popular summer spot that is equally suitable for winter travelers.

Is Canada Your Choice For A Winter Vacation Destination?

It is important to know that upon entering Canada, a US citizen must present a US passport or travel document to an immigration officer for screening. This person’s passport has a direct link to an FBI file, where recent or past criminal history may appear. If a border officer finds that you are inadmissible to Canada, you may be refused entry.

The Canadian government offers potential short and long term solutions to travelers with criminal records. The first, a temporary solution, is called the Temporary Resident Permit (TRP). A TRP is designed for people who need temporary access to Canada. It may provide for a single entry into Canada or more than one. TRPs are generally granted to individuals who demonstrate compelling reasons to enter. Travelers with professional and humanitarian reasons would be more likely to qualify than those going on vacation. If you wish to travel to Canada for the purposes of accreditation with a criminal record, it is generally advisable to apply for a criminal pardon if you meet the requirements.

The second, a permanent solution, is known as penal rehabilitation. A criminal pardon application is for the permanent erasure of criminal history. To apply for pardon, it must be at least five years since you served your sentence. Sentencing here refers to any judicial outcome of your case that could include jail time or probation, payment of fines, and community service or classes. Once an applicant is approved for penal rehabilitation, they no longer need a temporary residence permit.

Canada deals with a person’s criminal history by translating the crime committed abroad into the Canadian equivalent. This translation is very important when a person wishes to make a request for penal rehabilitation. The Canadian government will charge specific processing fees depending on whether the criminal record is considered non-serious or serious criminality. The government fees are CAD $ 200 for minor crime and CAD $ 1,000 for serious crime.

You may find legal advice useful even if you have not yet been convicted of a crime. The third option, a legal opinion letter, can be useful in unique situations such as traveling with a pending criminal charge. A Canadian immigration lawyer can provide legal advice to explain any material facts in the current case and explain why you should not be considered inadmissible.

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