Pfizer tests oral pill that could prevent COVID infection – .

Pfizer tests oral pill that could prevent COVID infection – .

Pfizer announced on Monday that it was testing an oral antiviral drug that would help prevent COVID-19.
Why is this important: This drug is one of many antiviral pills that could have a massive impact on treatment for coronaviruses because not everyone will get vaccinated, and it can take years to fully vaccinate people in some countries, according to Alison Snyder. of Axios.

What to expect: The mid-to-late stage study will test Pfizer’s drug, PF-07321332, designed to block the activity of the main enzyme that the coronavirus needs to multiply, according to a statement from Pfizer.

  • This will be co-administered with a low dose of ritonavir, which is widely used in combination treatments for HIV infection.

For memory : Remdesivir, a drug previously studied to treat Ebola and other diseases, is so far the only antiviral approved in the United States for COVID-19.

What they say : Mikael Dolsten, chief scientific officer and chairman of Pfizer, said in a statement that the drug would complement “the impact that vaccines have had in helping to quell infections.”

  • “If successful, we believe this therapy could help stop the virus early – before it has had a chance to extensively replicate – by potentially preventing symptomatic disease in those who have been exposed and by inhibiting the onset of infection in others, ”Dolsten added.


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