Panic gasoline buyers branded as sheep as Devon and Cornwall Police say there is no fuel shortage – .

Panic gasoline buyers branded as sheep as Devon and Cornwall Police say there is no fuel shortage – .

Police have begged residents of Devon and Cornwall to stop panicking over buying petrol and diesel in both counties – saying there is no shortage of fuel.
Devon and Cornwall Police posted the call on social media earlier today (September 25) and said panic shoppers clogging roads could delay emergency services reaching their destination.

A force spokesperson urged people to act “reasonably” and not rush to get fuel if they don’t need it.

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The spokesperson said: ‘The communities of Devon and Cornwall are reminded that there is no shortage of fuel in either of the two counties – and that there is no need to panic to buy. .

“Concerns about a fuel shortage have led to an increase in the number of motorists visiting gas stations.

“This has caused queues and traffic jams on some roads, which can cause delays for other motorists and impact critical and emergency services. “

They added that reports of a shortage had no impact on police and the force had not been affected by running out of gas.

“We call on the public to behave in a reasonable manner and not to panic,” added the spokesperson.

It comes as several petrol stations in Devon and Cornwall saw queues through today, leading to congestion around them.

A rise in fuel prices has triggered fuel shortages at a small number of service stations across the UK.

While the shortages are currently low, this has led to a nationwide panic buying spree.

In North Devon, a company made fun of the situation.

The Big Sheep family attraction in Abbotsham wrote on Facebook: “We’re flocking to gas stations here in North Devon? !!

“Which gas stations don’t have fuel? Let’s try to help each other by not refueling – just get enough for your needs and you’ll be fine. “

A389 Dennison Road, Bodmin has seen ‘heavier than normal’ traffic as people have lined up for fuel since around 11:20 am today.

Meanwhile, in Devon, the A379 Bitton Park Road in Teignmouth is also hit due to panic among people buying fuel.

You can keep up to date with the latest traffic reports here on our live coverage of today’s events.

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