Palestinians declare ‘day of rage’ in support of prisoners – .

Palestinians declare ‘day of rage’ in support of prisoners – .

Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) and other Palestinian factions called for a “day of rage” on Friday to protest Israel’s decision to transfer security prisoners to other prisons after Israel’s escape. six inmates at Gilboa Prison earlier this week.

A Palestinian Authority official, meanwhile, warned that Israel’s “repressive” measures against prisoners could spark another intifada.

“Israel is playing with fire,” official said Jerusalem post.

“The issue of prisoners is extremely sensitive. The situation is very dangerous.

The official said the Palestinian Authority has warned the Israeli government that the West Bank “is on the verge of explosion” due to anger over the measures taken against security prisoners.

Tawfik Tirawi, a member of the Fatah Central Committee and former head of the Palestinian Authority’s General Intelligence Service, on Thursday visited the families of some of the fugitives who escaped from Gilboa prison.

Tirawi told families he was proud of the six detainees and expressed hope that all security prisoners would be released.

“In light of the frenzied attack on our prisoners, we call on our Palestinian people to make Friday a day of Palestinian rage at the occupation’s arrogance and aggression against prisoners, and to move towards points of contact and confrontation. with the enemy army, ”Hamas said in a statement Thursday.

The appeal came after widespread protests Wednesday night in the West Bank and East Jerusalem against the Israeli Prison Service’s decision to disperse hundreds of Palestinian detainees to various prisons.

Firefighters try to put out a fire in the Simhoni Forest caused by incendiary balloons sent by Palestinian terrorists into southern Israel. June 15, 2021 (credit: FLASH90)

The Palestinians are ready to “make sacrifices and wage battles for the freedom of prisoners,” the Hamas statement read. “The escalation of resistance and the clash with the enemy army carries a clear message to the occupation and its leaders, that we, the Palestinian people, are united behind the option of resistance and protection. prisoners and holy places.

The Gaza Strip National and Islamic Forces, an alliance of various Palestinian factions, also called on the Palestinians to step up their protests against Israel on Friday in solidarity with the security prisoners and in support of the six fugitives.

The appeal was made by representatives of the factions during a sit-in outside the headquarters of the International Committee of the Red Cross in the Gaza Strip.

“The masses of our people must declare their outrage, a global escalation and an indefinite clash with the occupation to support the prisoners,” said Jamil Mezher, a senior official of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) of the PLO.

The factions said in a statement that Palestinians and armed groups in the Gaza Strip stand with the prisoners and “will not let them down.”

In Ramallah, Palestinian activists on Friday called for clashes with IDF soldiers in solidarity with the prisoners.

Sheikh Khader Adnan, a senior PIJ official in the West Bank, urged Palestinians to participate in protests in support of the prisoners on Friday. He also called on the Palestinians to “rejoice” at the escape, describing the fugitives – five of whom belong to the PIJ – as “heroes”.

“The battle for the freedom of prisoners is the battle of all Palestinians and the free peoples of the world,” Adnan said.

Also on Thursday, the PA government said it had tasked all its embassies around the world to raise the issue of security prisoners with governments and various international institutions, as well as the media.

Palestinian diplomats were instructed to “denounce Israeli aggression against heroic prisoners, including repression, abuse, provocative attacks, arbitrary transfers, collective and individual isolation, and reduction in the amount of food. and water, ”according to the Palestinian Authority’s foreign ministry.

The ministry said the latest Israeli measures “amounted to war crimes and crimes against humanity” and called for holding the Israeli government fully responsible for the lives of prisoners and their families.


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