Padres stars Tatis Jr., Machado put dugout dust behind them – .

Padres stars Tatis Jr., Machado put dugout dust behind them – .

SAN DIEGO – San Diego Padres all-star Manny Machado and Fernando Tatis Jr. stood side by side and said everything was fine between them after their weekend’s Scream game in the dugout during a season that has gotten out of hand.
Machado shouted and cursed Tatis during the face-to-face showdown in Saint-Louis on Saturday night. Machado, 29, and Tatis, 22, were separated by teammates before taking up their defensive positions.

The dust arose after Tatis struck and then challenged referee Phil Cuzzi’s appeal. Padres manager Jayce Tingler was kicked out when he stepped out to argue for Tatis.

Machado could be heard saying, “It’s not about you. It’s not… about you, ”as teammate Adam Frazier and a Padres coach pulled Tatis away from the angry third baseman.

The Padres lost a 2-0 lead on Saturday night and were swept away in the three-game series, going 2-8 on a trip that seriously hurt their hopes of a new playoff trip .

Ahead of Tuesday night’s home game against NL frontman West San Francisco, Machado called Tatis “my little brother” and added that “we will always be together no matter what. We have many years here together to move forward. It’s done and said. He must go. We also have to go there as a team. This is what we will try to achieve in the next 13 days. “

The Padres had a one-game lead for second place in the wild card on September 9. They were then swept in three games against the Los Angeles Dodgers, split a four-game streak in San Francisco and lost three straight to St. Louis. .

San Diego came into action Tuesday night four games behind St. Louis for the second wild card, with the Cincinnati Reds one game ahead of them.

Asked what happened on Saturday night, Tatis said, “It happened, it’s part of baseball, it’s a part that this game brings out, especially when good players are trying to win and things do not go our way. In the end, I’m glad it happened. I feel like it makes us stronger, when you go in there and talk about it and analyze it and come together. “

Machado, who has a 10-year, $ 300 million contract, did most of the talking during the three-minute impromptu availability with the media after batting practice. Towards the end, when Machado kept repeating that the Padres just needed to win baseball games, Tatis, who has a 14-year, $ 340 million contract, covered his face with his glove and seemed to laugh.

Speaking about the incident, Machado said he was “unfortunate that this has happened inside the vault in a critical situation for us as a team. We also have to apologize to the fans for being able to see this. We managed it internally as a team. “

The Padres have struggled since the trade deadline, when they failed to add any starting pitchers. Their rotation was hit hard by injuries, but their offense also sometimes wore off during seemingly uninspired stretches, leaving them looking the opposite of the playful squad who were playing with swagger at the start of the season.

“We are the leaders of this organization, of this team, so with the pressure of trying to win, the emotions running through everything, here we have Fernando who is about to win the MVP, we have a team who is trying to to compete and to qualify for the World Series, we haven’t played such good baseball, so emotions are involved and it gets the better of us all the time, ”said Machado. “These are situations that we learn as leaders, as a team, as an organization, and we just get better at it. “

Machado said they are definitely putting an end to the junk.

“We are here to take the distractions out of the team,” he said. “We have bigger fish to whip. We have bigger things to worry about now than worrying about something that isn’t serious. We’re going to go play baseball. We have 13 games left. We have to try to win them all to get to where we want to be. “

The Padres ended a 13-year playoff drought in the pandemic-shortened 2020 season and beat the Cardinals in the wildcard round before being swept into the Division Series by the eventual champion of the World Series Dodgers.

While Tatis led the conversation for the NL’s MVP, he has had an eventful season, even moving from shortstop – where he started the All-Star Game – to outfield due to a recurrent injury to the left shoulder. He returned to the shortstop recently after compatriot Jake Cronenworth broke a finger, but was back in the middle on Sunday and made a brutal error that led to a five-run first inning in St. Louis 8-7 victory.


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