Ousted Conservative candidate Lisa Robinson denies writing racist messages, says party ‘throws me under the bus’ – .

Ousted Conservative candidate Lisa Robinson denies writing racist messages, says party ‘throws me under the bus’ – .

Lisa Robinson, who was dropped by the Conservative Party as a Toronto-area candidate over the weekend, says she never wrote the online posts that led to her dismissal and that she went to the police because fake messages continue to appear under her name online.

The Conservative Party announced Friday night that it was dropping Ms Robinson as the party candidate in Beaches-East York, after Liberal constituency candidate incumbent Nate Erskine-Smith posted screenshots of social media posts allegedly written by Ms Robinson. which included derogatory comments towards Muslims.

Ms Robinson said the Twitter posts, which appear to be from 2017, were first released when she was running for Ajax, Ont., City council in 2018. She said she filed a Police report about it at the time and had informed the Curator about the issue as part of his selection process as a candidate.

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After Mr Erskine-Smith shared the messages online on Friday, Ms Robinson said she and the Conservative Party tried to get her original police report but were unable to do so. She said she would try to get the report again on Monday.

“All I know is it’s ruining my life. People need to know the truth about what happened, ”she told The Globe and Mail in an interview. “It still goes on. “

She said the party told her to stop calling them.

“They throw me completely under the bus,” she said.

Ms Robinson said she applied for the party a few years ago and was surprised to receive a call last month asking if she would run in Beaches-East York, a constituency in the east from downtown Toronto. She said she lived in nearby Durham, but had previously lived in Beaches-East York.

The party’s decision appears to be based in part on a 2018 Facebook post in which Ms Robinson appeared to apologize for the posts about Muslims. Ms Robinson said she approved the apology post at the time because she was receiving death threats and was advised to release a statement, even though she privately claimed the posts were bogus .

“I deeply regret and sincerely apologize if some of my tweets offended you, and I apologize to all the groups who felt wronged,” states his 2018 article. Liberal spending, but I certainly have no hatred towards Muslims or other groups. “

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This 2018 statement made no reference to bogus messages. Ms Robinson’s inability to immediately produce a copy of the records showing she took the case to police in 2018 also appears to have been factored into the party’s decision.

Ms Robinson said she lodged a new complaint with Durham Police on Saturday over another anonymous post recently appeared on her Facebook page, which she said is an attempt to give the impression that she made racist comments about black people in the past.

Ms Robinson will remain on the ballot for the Sept. 20 election, but is no longer the official Tory candidate.

The Conservative Party released a statement Friday night announcing that Ms Robinson would no longer represent the party.

“Racism and Islamophobia have no place in the Conservative Party of Canada,” party spokesman Cory Hann said on Friday. “Our expectation is that all of our candidates will conduct themselves in a respectful and tolerant manner. Therefore, we fired this person as a candidate.

The party did not immediately respond to Ms Robinson’s comments to the Globe.

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