Ontario Increases Capacity Limits For Certain Indoor And Outdoor Environments – .

Ontario Increases Capacity Limits For Certain Indoor And Outdoor Environments – .

TORONTO – The Ontario government is relaxing restrictions on capacity limits for certain indoor and outdoor environments where proof of vaccination is required.

Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr Kieran Moore made the announcement on Friday and said the new rules would come into effect on September 25.

Capacity limits in indoor environments – such as event spaces, banquet balls, convention centers, sporting events, concerts, theaters, cinemas, racing venues, and commercial and film television productions with a studio audience – will be increased to 50% or 10,000 people, whichever is less.

For some outdoor event venues where patrons were standing, capacity limits will increase up to 75 percent of capacity or 15,000 people.

For some outdoor event venues where clients are seated, capacity limits will be increased up to 75% of capacity or 30,000 people.

“This is in recognition of the fact that the risk of transmission is lower due to reduced mobility around the site,” the government said on Friday.

In addition, proof of vaccination will now be required in outdoor environments where the normal maximum capacity is 20,000 people or more.

“Thanks to the tremendous efforts of Ontarians to embrace public health measures and get vaccinated, some of our key public health and health care indicators are currently stable,” Moore said Friday.

What does that mean?

For sports venues like the Rogers Center, up to 30,000 vaccinated fans will now be allowed to attend.

At the Scotiabank Arena, nearly 10,000 fans will be able to attend.

The Toronto Blue Jays announced on Friday that due to the easing of capacity limits, they are now selling tickets at $ 15 for the last six home games.

On Friday, no changes were made to the capacity limits in restaurants and bars. Moore said this was because Ontario was taking a “slow and cautious” approach to reopening.

This is a developing story. More soon.


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