“Nonsense! Migrant Think Tank Boss Says France Should Stop Crossings Without British Money | Politics

“Nonsense! Migrant Think Tank Boss Says France Should Stop Crossings Without British Money | Politics

MigrationWatch chairman Alp Mehmet told Express.co.uk about the Channel crossings by refugees from France and was angry that the UK was funding the country to carry out processes that should already be followed. The former diplomat claimed that criticism that the UK turned back boats as “illegal” was also “nonsense” as the method is being followed in the European Union between Greece and Turkey. Mr Mehmet concluded that France was helping escort the boats across the Channel and the UK should not give them money to just ignore the problem.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Mr Mehmet was asked if it was fair that Home Secretary Priti Patel threatens to withhold £ 54million if France does not increase its migration rights .
He explained: “First, I think it’s really nonsense, personally, it’s nonsense to pay France to do things that it should be doing anyway.

“Second, the EU is already doing exactly what we are proposing between Greece and Turkey, they are turning back.

“Well, Greece, frankly, is a member of Schengen, France is also a member of Schengen.

“For all intents and purposes, when you admit or reject people at the border of the Schengen member state, you are effectively doing so on behalf of all member countries, including France.
“So I think it is nonsense to suggest that [turning back boats] is illegal and it cannot be done, it can and is being done. “

Priti Patel is under pressure to crack down on boats crossing the Channel and has threatened France with withholding money so they can fulfill their part of a migration pact.

The British government is giving money to France to prevent boats from leaving their northern beaches and entering the UK, but footage has shown that many boats are simply escorting them to UK waters.

French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin called the decision to withhold the money “blackmail” and said France would not be intimidated by such a move.
But critics warn that pushback tactics would force desperate migrants to choose smaller, more dangerous boats because they know they won’t be targeted.

Mr Mehmet was concerned about the tactics and said he wanted to see stricter rules on illegal immigration, but did not want to see anyone die.

Hungary has announced that it has completely closed its doors to Afghan refugees as the country tightens its defenses and border rules.

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz met Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic with leaders who agreed the refugee problem must be solved at the source, urging Afghanistan’s neighboring countries to step up their efforts.

Mr Vucic said Serbia would not be the “parking lot” for migrants waiting and considering settling further into Europe as countries begin to tighten border security.

More migrants have crossed the Channel in small boats so far in September than in any other month since the start of the crisis, reports the BBC.

The figure now stands at 3,879 migrants who made the crossing this month.

The annual total is 16,312 compared to more than 8,400 in 2020.


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