Nine in 10 say Taliban control over Afghanistan threatens US – .

Afghan sniper who helped British army “hunted down and executed by Taliban” – .

Voters believe that US military action in Afghanistan after 9/11 has made the United States more secure – and that the Taliban’s resurgence is a threat to American security.

That’s according to a Fox News nationwide survey of registered voters released on Sunday.

An overwhelming majority of 89% see Taliban control over Afghanistan as a major (55%) or minor (34%) threat to the United States. Almost twice as many Republicans (73%) as Democrats (39%) call it a major threat.

An April Fox News poll found that half (50%) preferred that some US forces stay in Afghanistan for counterterrorism operations rather than withdrawing all troops (37%).

The new survey shows that while 55% approve of the US decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, 59% disapprove of the way the Biden administration handled the withdrawal and 60% generally disapprove of the way President Biden treats Afghanistan.

Biden’s overall job rating stands at 50% approval and 49% disapproval – his worst ratings yet. Last month it was 53-46%, and its best was 56-43% in June. Strong disapproval trumps strong approval by 11 points.

Since last month, its approval has been declining among some grassroots constituencies, such as seniors (-12 points), under-30s (-9), independents (-9), black voters (-7 ) and Democrats (-6).

Overall, twice as many people think the troop withdrawal weakens rather than strengthens the United States (41 vs. 19%), with a sizable 36% minority saying it doesn’t make a difference.

Opinions are divided on the current problems on the ground in Afghanistan: 49% think they were preventable and 46% say they are inevitable.

With a 52-43% margin, voters say Biden has failed to deliver on his pledge to do everything in his power to get all Americans and Afghan partners out of Afghanistan.

While the United States has evacuated more than 120,000 people from Afghanistan since July, around 100-200 Americans cannot leave and more than 200,000 Afghans could be eligible for American visas.

If American citizens cannot get out of Afghanistan, the Biden administration will be more blamed than the Taliban by a 48-41% margin.

If Afghanistan becomes a haven for terrorists, the Taliban will be more blamed than the White House by a 47-43 percent gap.

A majority of 56 percent think US military action in Afghanistan after 9/11 has made the homeland more secure, while 35 percent say less secure. There is a notable bipartisan deal, as more than half of Democrats (58%), Republicans (56%) and Independents (53%) say the action has made the United States safer.

There is less alignment on most other issues. The majority of Democrats approve of both the pullout and the way it unfolded, believe problems on the ground were inevitable, and would blame the Taliban if the Americans cannot leave and Afghanistan becomes a safe haven for them. terrorists.

For Republicans it is the opposite in every way: they disapprove of both the decision to leave and the way it was handled, view problems on the ground as avoidable, and would blame the Biden administration if American citizens were left for it. account and if Afghanistan becomes a terrorist refuge.

“The good thing about Biden is that voter disapproval lies more in the execution of the pullout than in the policy itself,” said Democratic pollster Chris Anderson, who is leading the probe with Republican Daron Shaw.

“The further we move away from withdrawal, assessments of Biden’s policy in Afghanistan may improve, as many agree with him in principle. “

Shaw adds: “Assessments of the management of the withdrawal are polarized by party, with Democrats overwhelmingly agreeing with the argument that chaos was inevitable – in that sense, the Biden team was effective in sending messages to his supporters. “

Voters report more serious concerns than terrorist attacks. Most are extremely or very concerned about inflation / rising prices (82%), the coronavirus pandemic (74%), the situation in Afghanistan (73%) and unemployment (72%). Next are fears of attacks by Islamic terrorists and attacks by non-Islamic terrorists (both 70 percent).

Since last month, the unease over the Islamic terrorist attacks in the United States has increased by 12 points.

Smaller shares, but still in the majority, worry about climate change (63%), abortion policy (62%), illegal immigration (59%) and neighborhood crime (50%) .

The main concerns among Republicans are inflation / prices (89 percent affected), Afghanistan (85 percent) and attacks by Islamic terrorists (83 percent). For Democrats, it’s coronavirus (87%), climate change (86%) and inflation / prices (76%).

The biggest “worry gap” where Democrats are more concerned than Republicans is climate change – Democrats are 86% more concerned than Republicans compared to 36%. Then comes the pandemic: 87 among Democrats against 63% for GOP voters.

On the other hand, the issues where Republicans’ concerns most outweigh those of Democrats are illegal immigration (79 versus 42%) and attacks by Islamic terrorists (83 versus 60%).


– Biden’s job ratings on Afghanistan are 24 points underwater: 36% agree, while 60% disapprove. Each of its three immediate predecessors receives better marks, albeit in retrospect. The poll asked voters to reflect on how former Presidents Donald Trump, Barack Obama and George W. Bush handled Afghanistan during their tenure. Bush obtains a net positive score of 4 points: 50% approve, 46% disapprove. For Obama, it’s 51 to 46% (+5) and for Trump, it’s 46 to 51% (-5).

– Compared to a year ago, 35% say they feel less safe in their neighborhood. This is about double the number of people who feel safer (18%). Most of them, 46 percent, volunteer, it’s pretty much the same. Additionally, 50% are extremely or very concerned about crime in the neighborhood, which ranks them below all of the other issues tested in the survey.

Conducted from September 12 to 15, 2021 under the joint direction of Beacon Research (D) and Shaw & Company Research (R), this Fox News poll includes interviews with 1,002 nationally registered voters who were randomly selected from a national electoral roll and spoke with interviewers live on landlines and cellphones. The total sample has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus three percentage points.

Victoria Balara of Fox News contributed to this report.


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