Nigel Farage Warns GB News Viewers Attack On Churchill Goes “Beyond Culture Cancellation” | United Kingdom

Nigel Farage Warns GB News Viewers Attack On Churchill Goes “Beyond Culture Cancellation” | United Kingdom

GB News host Nigel Farage called the news that a Winston Churchill charity was wiping the leader from its website “absolutely shameful.” In a powerful rant against the move, Mr Farage said the ploy goes beyond canceling culture and is an attempt to “bring down the institutions of this country”. It comes after the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust announced that it was changing its name to Churchill Fellowship and removing images of the former Prime Minister from its website.

The GB News host lashed out at “this latest attempt to demonize heroes like Churchill.”
Mr Farage told viewers: ‘The awakened heads of a charity established in honor of Sir Winston Churchill have changed the name of the organization and removed images of him from their website.

“A warning against racism is now repeated over several pages.

“Changing the name of an organization created to honor this man – one of the inspirations behind it was the late Prince Phillip – is absolutely shameful.

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The former MEP continued: “It is high time that some of these people learned that the attempt to portray Churchill as a racist, that he was the man who stood up against Nazism, and without whom we would speak German .
“He is a man who has done more to overcome this and overcome extremism. The idea that man’s reputation is now being deliberately destroyed.

“We call it canceling culture, but the virus of Marxism is coming back.

“What Marxism seeks to do is seek to destroy everything in a country, destroy its culture, everything in its history, bring down its institutions and replace it with a great new socialist order.

The prime minister’s spokesperson called “utterly absurd, misguided and wrong to air his giant achievements and service to this country, and confidence should think again”.

Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden echoed this, accusing charities of bowing to a “noisy wake-up brigade”.

The Fellowship rejected claims that it wanted to erase Churchill’s accomplishments from history.

Former Tory MP Sir Nicholas Soames, one of Churchill’s grandchildren, said in a statement: “I and the rest of my family, fully and wholeheartedly, support the remarkable work of the Churchill Fellowship, which is the truly wonderful living memorial of Sir Winston Churchill. ”


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