New blackface photo of Justin Trudeau emerges as Canadians go to the polls – .

New blackface photo of Justin Trudeau emerges as Canadians go to the polls – .

With polls showing the majority of the public approved of his handling in the election, Trudeau bet that an early election would increase his number to 155 seats.

But his gamble turned against him when Tory leader Erin O’Toole proved to be a campaigner and succeeded in framing the election as a selfish takeover by the ruling Liberals.

Mr Trudeau regained a slight lead in the home stretch of the 36-day campaign by contrasting his willingness to introduce Covid-19 vaccine warrants against conservative opposition.

Mr O’Toole, 48, was also hurt by his early praise for Alberta’s handling of the pandemic, with the Tory-led province now crippled by a fourth wave of Covid-19.

A senior Liberal strategist has privately admitted that Mr. Trudeau, who has been in power for six years, is preparing for a close race.

“There’s no world it’s not tight,” the quarterback said. “Is a majority possible? Yes. Is this the most likely scenario? No. “

Mr. Trudeau was due to spend election night at the Farimont Hotel in downtown Montreal to watch the results, knowing his decision to call for a vote may have cost him his post as prime minister.

He smiled at the cameras as he arrived hand in hand with his children at a polling station in his riding of Papineau, Que., To vote.

He looked hoarse as he told supporters “a new day is dawning in this country” as he wraps up a frenzied final day on Sunday, starting in Montreal and ending over 2,800 miles in Burnaby, Colombia. -British, around midnight.


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