Nenshi rings the bell against the rural prefect over disinformation about COVID-19 – .

Nenshi rings the bell against the rural prefect over disinformation about COVID-19 – .

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A recent meeting of Calgary-area municipalities turned heated after a rural warden shared misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines, which drew a sharp rebuke from Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi.

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The confrontation took place at the Calgary Metropolitan Area Council (CMRB) meeting on September 17, when Foothills County Reeve Suzanne Oel questioned the safety and effectiveness of COVID-vaccines. 19.

She said her statements reflected the views of her constituents, many of whom are opposed to vaccines and the vaccine passport system then announced by the province.

“While some people think the vaccine will protect them, others don’t. One note is that the investigational vaccine does not prevent infection or transmission. The safety testing is not complete, ”said Oel.

These statements are false. Vaccines have been shown in clinical trials to reduce COVID-19 disease, a fact reflected in data from Alberta, which found vaccines to be over 90% effective in preventing symptomatic illness. due to COVID-19.

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Calling the vaccines experimental is also inaccurate, as the two COVID mRNA vaccines approved for use in Canada – manufactured by Pfizer / BioNTech and Moderna – have undergone rigorous safety testing and used technology developed over decades. .

Nenshi jumped into the fray after Oel falsely claimed the vaccine had only been tested in animals before it was made available.

“What she just said is 1,000 percent wrong, and this is no place for us to respect these extremist views that put people at risk,” Nenshi said in the exchange, which was first reported by LiveWire Calgary.

“I was with an intensive care nurse yesterday. People are dying every day. Yes, we need to have a diversity of points of view. We don’t have BS diversity like that. This is completely wrong and saying things like that puts people in danger and you should be ashamed of yourself, Reeve Oel.

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The terse exchange continued when Oel said she took a risk sharing her views on the forum, before Nenshi interrupted her by saying, “Lies are not opinions, Reeve.” Oel, and that’s a lie. Stop educating yourself about YouTube videos, read the science.

The CMRB is made up of 10 municipalities in the Calgary area, with a mandate to support the long-term sustainability of the region.

Elsewhere in the meeting, officials discussed confusion over the province’s vaccine passport plan as well as the acrimonious public climate around vaccines and the use of masks.

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