Mr. Goxx Cryptocurrency Trading Hamster Germany – .

Mr. Goxx Cryptocurrency Trading Hamster Germany – .

As the world speculates on the rise of NFTs and which cryptocurrencies to invest in, a hamster in Germany quietly traded. ” Sir. Goxx ”has been trading various cryptos since June 12 and has outperformed Bitcoin, Warren Buffet and the S&P 500.

According to Mr. Goxx’s Twitter, the hamster wallet has grown by over 20% during this time and involves real money and possibly the most technologically advanced hamster cage. On any given day, the hamster will enter his “Goxx Box” – a separate office in his house that houses an “intention wheel” that is wired to around 30 different cryptocurrencies. Once he has made his decision, Mr. Goxx will then enter one of the “two decision tunnels” that determine whether to buy or sell a certain transaction.

The hamster started out with an investment of $ 390 and makes each trade at an automatic increment of $ 20, according to a report the undisclosed custodian gave to Protos. Mr Goxx hit an all-time high earlier this month at $ 580 before falling again following China’s crackdown on crypto.

The hamster owner reiterates that Mr. Goxx is for entertainment purposes and should not be taken seriously for financial advice. But for those who are still curious, check out Mr. Goxx’s livestream to observe his trading methods.

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