Mom, 40, who posted she was “unmasked, unmasked and unvaccinated” dies of Covid – .

Mom, 40, who posted she was “unmasked, unmasked and unvaccinated” dies of Covid – .

A mom who posted anti-vaccine images and comments on social media has died from Covid.
Kristen Lowery, 40, of Escalon, Calif., Is said to have died “unexpectedly” on September 15 after a battle with the disease.

On her Facebook profile, which has since been set to private, she posted anti-vaccine protests and described herself as “unmasked, not muzzled, unvaccinated, fearless.”

In another article, she called herself a “free thinker” and said “together we win”.

In one image, she can be seen holding up a sign that says “give a voice to the injured vaccine.”

Her family reportedly wrote on the same social media platform that she was hospitalized after battling Covid.

She leaves behind four children



Her sister Cassie reportedly said she was “in hospital fighting for her life with Covid and pneumonia”.

She added, “My sister still has a long life. We need you here, sissy. Your children love you and miss you so much. Please don’t give up. “

She also said it was not “political” and that she was not interested in hearing anyone else’s views on vaccines.

Then, last week, two family members posted on the social media platform that she was “deceased from Covid”, as her aunt cried as her “heart breaks for her 4 children”, reports Mail Online.

She wrote, “So many people need her here, but God must have special plans for her in Heaven.

After her death last week, she leaves behind four children.

The case drew a number of comments on social media, responding via Facebook.

One person wrote: “Why don’t people understand the importance of vaccines for everyone?

Another said: “I have very little sympathy these days for people who choose not to be vaccinated and wear a mask. “

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