Mercedes abandons The Dog and leaves – .

Mercedes abandons The Dog and leaves – .

A new chapter opens for Mercedes McQueen (Photo: Lime Pictures)

Mercedes McQueen (Jennifer Metcalfe) left for sunnier climates in Hollyoaks, having ceded The Dog to Fergus Collins (Robert Beck).

The owner decided to sell her beloved pub in exchange for Fergus’ forgiveness of Sylver (David Tag).

She intended to stay in the village to support and care for Cher (Bethannie Hare) after her ordeal, but things quickly took a turn.

Wednesday’s (September 22) edition of the Channel 4 soap opera saw a big bomb drop over the McQueen Clan, as Bobby Costello (Jayden Fox) revealed he was Cher’s online friend “Jade” .

Mercedes set out to find out the truth of what he was up to, but Bobby couldn’t open up, prompting Cher to give it a try.

She was successful because Bobby explained that he knew Cher was feeling lonely and was just trying to be her friend.

Cher was touched.

Mercedes, meanwhile, was determined to put her son first, so she decided to take him to Alicante.

Cher, however, felt supported by her whole family, so she insisted that Sylver go with Mercedes.

And with that, he left to put his things away.

Mercedes, all dressed for her trip in her signature red dress, took one last look at the pub she loved so much, before putting the keys aside, grabbing her suitcase and stepping out.

Cher said goodbye to Bobby and Sylver, before turning to Mercedes.

“I’m so sorry,” she said, about everything she’s done to him this year. Mercedes, however, told her to “never apologize” and asked her to be happy.

The soap devotee got into a cab and drove off, ready to do it again – well, at least until Bobby was seated.

It’s likely that no matter how long she’s been away, we haven’t seen the end of Mercedes McQueen.

Hollyoaks continues Friday, September 24 at 7 p.m. on E4.

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