Meghan Markle and Prince Harry demand fair deployment of Covid vaccine for poorest countries – .

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry demand fair deployment of Covid vaccine for poorest countries – .

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle told a crowd of 60,000 at a New York Covid concert that “where you are born should not dictate your ability to survive”.
The Sussexes took the stage at Global Citizen Live in the United States to lobby for the Covid vaccine to be more readily available globally for the poorest countries.

Meghan said: “Every person on this planet has the basic right to receive this vaccine, but it is not happening.

“It is wrong that so much of the vaccine supply went to only ten rich countries and not everyone, this is just not OK. “

Harry added: “Guys, we have what we need to vaccinate the world. “

Harry told the crowd, “Where you were born shouldn’t dictate your ability to survive”


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The Sussexes said as vaccine doses were being racked up by wealthier countries


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Since moving to the United States last year, the Sussexes have embraced their celebrity status with regular interviews on American television.

They have been criticized for regular attacks against the royal family, but also from some quarters for preaching to people on topics such as equality from their privileged position.

In their latest charity cause, they attended the Covid concert with Harry putting his hand on Meghan’s shoulder and saying, ‘My wife and I believe where you were born shouldn’t dictate your ability to survive. “

They both spoke at Global Citizen Live in New York, USA


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They put on a beloved display on stage as they pushed for vaccine equality.

Harry said: “Look at us all here 60,000 forts together in New York! Are we ready to do what is necessary to end this pandemic? “

His wife Meghan added: “It’s so good to be back here with all of you.

“Look, we know it feels like this pandemic has been going on forever, we understand, that’s a lot, and some people are just done, but if everyone’s done with it, it never will be. finished.

“There are so many things we can do today that can bring us closer to the end of this pandemic and that is why we are all here.

“We can be here tonight because the brightest scientists, researchers and frontline workers have risked their lives to protect our global community.

“They are our humanitarian heroes.

Harry told the crowd that a lack of transparency and “misinformation” was hampering the rollout of the vaccine.

He said: “This week we gathered with independent global health leaders to better understand how we are getting closer to vaccine equity and ending this crisis.

“It’s a battle of disinformation, bureaucracy, lack of transparency and lack of access and above all it’s a human rights crisis. “

He added: “Here is what is blocking (…) many countries are ready to produce vaccines, but the ultra-rich pharmaceutical companies do not share the proceeds to make them. “

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