Meet the most eloquent critic of forced vaccinations – an NBA player – .

Meet the most eloquent critic of forced vaccinations – an NBA player – .

Look at this young man. An elite athlete named Jonathan Isaac. He’s in the NBA, lives in Florida, which could be a reason for his open-mindedness – Florida is the most open-minded state in the Union when it comes to vaccines. They offer vaccines everywhere, for free – in every local pharmacy, every hospital, they bring them to you if you want. They are also leaders in other treatments and therapies. And their governor, Ron DeSantis, always talks about personal choice and privacy.

I think the fact that this athlete, Jonathan Isaac, lives in Orlando can be part of his reflection. But enough of me. Listen to him:

I have to say this is the most thoughtful, balanced, sane and open-minded comment I have heard in a long time – far more than anything I have heard from a public health bureaucrat. or politicians. Just a sane man who obviously did his job.

Now he’s disobedient. And the Media Party hates it. They assume he’s a crazy, crazy guy. But listen to this:

The irony is that Trump himself is not anti-vax – he started the vaccine project; he called it Operation Warp Speed. He himself is vaxxed; he encourages people to get vaxxed. It’s just a leftist thing to blame Trump for everything.

And besides, black history is a factor for some, if not for this athlete. The United States has an unfortunate history of deliberately injecting poison into the veins of black men, in an unethical experiment called the Tuskegee experiment. They literally injected black men with syphilis – and didn’t treat it – so they could study it. They lied to the men and their families, claiming that they were providing them with medicine – when in fact they were poisoning them. It’s Nazi stuff. But Jonathan Isaac said, no, I’m just a very healthy young man and I don’t think that’s for me right now.

So he’s my hero of the day. And here is my scary villain of the day

What is that? Is it a necklace?

It was the new governor of New York State, who replaced Andrew Cuomo, the scary groper who finally resigned. He was scary in his own way. But it’s also scary.

You know, most jewelry is just for the sake of beauty; it has no particular statement other than that you appreciate beauty; or maybe someone gave you something beautiful as a gift. An alliance symbolizes this relationship. A necklace with a cross on it is obviously a symbol of Christianity; Some Jews wear the same thing, a Star of David.

I have seen some people wear their own name on a necklace; it seems like something young girls do, because it seems a little vain or childish. But in any case, your jewelry says a lot about you. It’s like your car or your clothes. They have a utility, but also an expression of you. What you drive, how you dress, is how you show yourself to the world. Jewelry is of no use; it is nothing more than symbolic.

And this governor has her central identity, which she wants you to see, all the time, is that she is vaccinated. This is who she is; it is his religion – no cross or star of David; no symbol of love or beauty – a symbol of medical injection. Seriously, why not just have a little syringe around your neck.

She was first seen wearing it a month ago.

Now, like all Democrats, she doesn’t have much time for religion – she would never wear a cross around her neck. But like many Democrats, she isn’t afraid to enjoy a speech at a church or religious gathering.

God gave us the vaccine, she said; it is an abomination if it is not injected into you. I mean, you don’t wanna go to hell, right? You rub, you assholes, you believe in hell, don’t you? And you would do whatever you thought God told you to do, right? And you believe pastors or priests, don’t you? So I’m just going to pretend I’m a woman of God, and I’m just going to talk like you talk and so you’ll do what I do, right?

So disgusting.

She finds you deplorable; you are stupid; you are morally inferior to her. She will do or say whatever it takes to get you vaxxed – this is her true religion.

I mean, that governor, Kathy Hochul, she’s smarter than you. She’s a lawyer, her husband too, she’s really smart, not like you dummies. And we’re in a pandemic right now, so it’s a crisis right now, you dummies.

So what is this really smart woman doing? Well let’s ask SCS:

83,000 hospital workers could be sacked as New York’s COVID vaccine mandate takes effect

New York state’s mandate ordering healthcare workers to be vaccinated against COVID went into effect at midnight Monday.

Some hospital networks, including Northwell Health, have already laid off more than two dozen healthcare workers. Others will have 30 days to get their COVID vaccine or lose their jobs.

Officials say 16% of state hospital workers are not fully immunized, which means more than 83,000 are at risk of dismissal.

See, she’s smarter than you. I mean, it’s intelligence at the doctoral level – laying off 83,000 nurses and other hospital workers amid what she says is a pandemic. It’s galaxy-level smart, right?

Why would you lay off 83,000 doctors, nurses and other hospital staff – in a pandemic?

Other than as a raw power exercise, to show the world that you can?

Maybe: to trigger a crisis. To make the emergency permanent. To create new problems to be “solved”.

And look at the solution it offers: It’s from Reuters:

New York could call in National Guard to replace unvaccinated healthcare workers

New York Governor Kathy Hochul plans to employ National Guard and out-of-state medical workers to fill hospital staff shortages with tens of thousands of workers likely to lose their jobs for not have met Monday’s deadline for mandatory COVID-19 vaccination.

Understood. So you are laying off nurses and doctors. Including those who have worked in the past 18 months to save lives. Who know what they are doing. And who knows more about the virus than you will ever know.

And you send…. Soldiers? Just all the time. In hospitals, clinics. Where they never worked. Where they don’t know anyone. Just like the bodies? What – to provide health care? Or is it to impose vaccinations? I don’t think National Guard soldiers have a role in the health care system – they have a role in pointing guns at things. Isn’t that what they’re trained to do? Isn’t that the message they’re really sending? Put national guards in hospitals?

Isn’t that – what’s the word – martial law?

Yes, they don’t want this crisis to end. They want it permanent. They want to enforce their whims by pointing a gun – that’s the way they do it in Australia.

They want 83,000 nurses laid off in New York. Quebec says it will lay off 20,000.

Because they want a crisis, to justify the state of emergency. And they want to blame you.

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