Man’s Nightmare as 8 ” ‘Deadly’ Spider roaming free in sleepy English town – .

Man’s Nightmare as 8 ” ‘Deadly’ Spider roaming free in sleepy English town – .

A huge spider that one expert says could be fatal has been roaming free in a sleepy British town after escaping from the garden of an arachnophobe.
Jim Dodds, 53, lives in fear and has to check under his pillows before falling asleep after finding the petty 8-inch insect in his backyard.

Fearing it was a poisonous species, he trapped it in the plastic box he found it in.

Before his escape, the kitchen designer took a photo that does not show the markings on his back and abdomen used to identify arachnids.

Experts struggled to identify the insect, but one said it could be an ambush spider – or the deadly Australian funnel web has escaped from the collection from someone.

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Arachnophobic kitchen fitter Jim Dodds, 53, and his wife Helen trapped the spider in a box in their garden in Tetbury, Gloucestershire


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Sitting in a huge dusty canvas, he has long claws, spooky bony legs, and a giant, fat abdomen.

Jim said, “My first reaction was b **** r. Then my second reaction was “Oh shit. ” Where did he go? “

He said Helen, 51, found the spider hiding in a plastic box the couple keep in the garden of their Tetbury home on Sunday.

Jim trapped the spider in a box in his backyard – but it escaped


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Jim added: “I contacted Great Western Exotics, Cotswold Council, RSPCA, Rentokil and others, but no one touched it.

“I think it’s poisonous but I’m not 100%, I just wanted it to go away but no one would help me, it was huge and horrible.

“I have nightmares. I don’t want to wake up one morning and find it in my bathroom. “

Experts have difficulty identifying which species the spider belongs to due to its positioning in the photo.

Insects are usually identified by distinctive markings on their buttocks and abdomen.

Jim checks under his pillow at night for the spider and is afraid she’s in his bathroom when he wakes up


Triangle News)

But Jim’s photo shows the spider stuck inside the box lid, so only its underside is visible.

An expert from the local Malmesbury vet has agreed to come and collect the creature – and hopefully identify the potentially dangerous insect.

Jim said: “I told them ‘Look you can have the b ***** y spider, you are more than welcome to go to my house and go to the back garden and look for it.’

“They were going to get it, put it in a plastic bin and identify it and Bob is your uncle.” They’re getting there, and it’s not there.

“To be honest with you, if I spot it, I run.” I don’t make spiders. “

Receptionist Helen – who is far less afraid of spiders than Jim – said she searched the couple’s shed to see if she could spot it, but had no luck.

Nottingham Trent University biology professor Chris Terrell Nield attempted to identify the creepy creature in Jim’s photo.

He said: “I didn’t get very far with this, in part because the view is from below and the best distinguishing features are the number and arrangement of the eyes and the abdominal configuration.

“The size reported tells me it’s not from here – I think it’s tropical or Australasian – so it’s probably a escaped person from someone’s collection.”

“I guess it’s real!

“I can tell you it’s an ambush spider or a funnel web spider because it has very long tops and downward pointing jaws, but I would need a better picture to be safer.

“He looks like a male because he has thickened palps. “

These are the little paw-like structures on either side of his head.

“Note that I would recommend that a spider like this be treated only by an expert,” he added.

“All spiders are poisonous and some of the species in this group (eg Australians) have a nasty bite. “

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