Machine Gun Kelly se bat avec un fan au festival Louder Than Life – .

Machine Gun Kelly se bat avec un fan au festival Louder Than Life – .

Machine Gun Kelly found himself in the middle of another feud this weekend.

While performing at the Louder Than Life Festival in Louisville, Ky. On Saturday, the “Bloody Valentine” singer launched with a spectator.

The feud apparently erupted after an unidentified man in the crowd pushed MGK, 31, while he was singing.

Security stepped in – as did MGK, who threw what appeared to be a punch. It is not clear from the video whether the singer’s fist made contact with the man.

MGK managed to complete the rest of his set after security pulled him away.

Representatives for MGK did not immediately respond to Page Six’s request for comment, while the Louder Than Life festival did not comment.

MGK’s physical altercation was not the only moment that made the headlines of his set, however. The “Drunk Face” singer received mixed reactions from the crowd, with some booing him as he took the stage earlier that night.

In another viral video from the festival, the crowd can be heard chanting “you suck” before launching into an endless chorus of loud boos. The video also shows a section of spectators holding their middle fingers directly on the stage at MGK.

The “The Dirt” star looked defeated at one point, saying, “Well, enjoy the rest of the gig. “

Despite videos showing the contrary, MGK took to Twitter to criticize the reports he was booed off stage.

“I don’t know why the media lies against me all the time, but all I saw was 20,000 amazing fans at the festival chanting every word and 20 angry,” wrote the self-proclaimed “blond gift” .

MGK’s tweet included a video of a fan who was closer to the stage, alongside a crowd of people singing along and actually enjoying the set.

The festival’s hard rock audience response to MGK is likely due to it trashing Slipknot at another music festival earlier this month.

Not only did MGK call the group “weird old dudes with masks”, but he also told the crowd that he was glad he wasn’t “50, wearing a weird mask on a stage.”


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