M25 traffic: Twenty-five arrests after climate change protesters blocked sections of motorway for second time in three days

M25 traffic: Twenty-five arrests after climate change protesters blocked sections of motorway for second time in three days

Twenty-five climate change protesters have been arrested after parts of the M25 were blocked by activists for the second time in three days, causing huge queues.

Isulate Britain protesters, including an 82-year-old man, halted traffic on several sections of Britain’s busiest highway on Wednesday morning.

Protesters targeted Junction 23 for South Mimms in Hertfordshire, as well as the main carriageway from Junction 8 in Reigate to Junction 9 in Leatherhead, both in Surrey.

Surrey Police said they arrested 25 people after going to junctions 8 and 10 of the M25, overseeing a protest which was reported around 8 a.m.

The force added that it was also facing a road collision at Junction 9 of the M25 involving four vehicles. Police, firefighters and ambulances are currently on the scene.

“We have worked with partner forces including the Metropolitan Police and Hertfordshire Police to deal with the widespread protesters on the M25. All protesters have now been evacuated from Junctions 8 and 10, ”the force said.

“A total of 25 arrests were made.

He advised motorists to avoid the area if possible.

The group demands government action on home insulation, tweeting: “#InsulateBritain are back. @BorisJohnson can you hear us now? “

Protesters gather on the highway

Local media have reported that Princes Road in Dartford, Kent is partially blocked by queue traffic due to a roundabout protest at junction 1B of the motorway, causing traffic jams at the approaching busy Dartford Passage.

Twitter user Phillip Marvel observing a blockage near the crossing said the protesters were “at it again”, adding: “Children stuck on school buses, ambulances cannot pass. It does not help their cause. “

Videos circulating on social media show angry drivers arguing with activists.

An aerial view of the huge queues on the M25 due to the protests

Edmund King, chairman of AA auto insurance group, Edmund King, a thermal insulation engineer, has been barred from going to work after being stuck in the queue during Wednesday’s blockade.

He said: “While most people understand the need to take action on climate change, these highway blocking tactics only backfire as they alienate the hardworking public stuck in this chaos and pump it out. more shows.

“It’s somewhat ironic that thermal insulation engineers trying to insulate Britain have been stuck in the congestion caused by Insulate Britain. “

He added: “Essential deliveries, emergency services, people absent from hospital and from business appointments are all affected by these blockages. Hopefully the police will take immediate action to unblock Britain’s arteries. “

Protesters are delaying traffic at a roundabout on the M25. Photo: Isolate Britain

Insulate Britain said 89 of its members took part in the action on Wednesday, adding in a statement: “We demand credible action now.

“Appropriate jobs for hundreds of thousands of people to begin the real first step – to insulate all the homes in this country – which pound for pound is giving us the biggest reduction in carbon emissions.

Protesters seated in the middle of the highway
Protesters seated in the middle of the highway

“It is obvious and yet this government refuses to continue its work. It is criminal negligence. “

The group tweeted that one of the activists on Wednesday included an 82-year-old man “with severe heart disease.”

Monday, the group blocked five junctions of the M25 with another demonstration, resulting in tens of thousands of drivers stranded in huge queues and 78 people arrested.


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