LinkedIn to help job seekers who never want to return to the office – .

LinkedIn to help job seekers who never want to return to the office – .

Microsoft Corp.’s professional networking site LinkedIn. will make it easier for job seekers to find remote and hybrid roles, an attempt to respond to seismic changes in worker attitudes during the pandemic.
New options will allow users to filter roles in traditional offices or find workplaces that offer a mix, the company said in a blog post Thursday. LinkedIn also plans to make it easier to understand business immunization requirements.

The COVID-19 pandemic has led employees to rethink how, where, and why they want to work – a change LinkedIn is calling “the big reshuffle.” Jobs listed on the site as “remote” continue to increase, with those vacancies increasing more than 8.5 times since the start of the pandemic to reach 16% of the total in August.

But in-person work isn’t going to go away, the company said. Microsoft core staff plan to return to the office more often than expected, according to an internal investigation. Eight percent of non-management employees said they plan to be in the office every day, compared to just 1 percent of managers’ expectations.

Nearly half of Microsoft employees plan to come to the office three to four times a week, according to the survey. That’s well above the 28 percent managers expected. Yet the results showed that bosses generally plan to spend more time in person than their employees.

In a twist, employees who would rather stay home and staff members who want to return to the office both gave the same reason: They thought it was easier to focus on work.


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