Lamar Jackson reversed the script (at least for now) – .

Lamar Jackson reversed the script (at least for now) – .

Lamar Jackson reverses the script

It’s amazing how a performance, even as dazzling as Lamar Jackson’s Sunday night, could change the story so much.

With the Ravens’ 36-35 win over the Kansas City Chiefs, Jackson reminded everyone why he was a unanimous NFL MVP two years ago and gave the crowd a stiff arm. discovering it ”.

“Maybe it’s time to stop wondering,” USA Today’s Mike Jones wrote. “Maybe after Sunday night’s 36-35 victory over arch nemesis Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs, it’s time to accept the fact that Lamar Jackson will never play quarterback under a Guide to Quarterbacking 101. He’s not even going to play the position like Mahomes, considered by many to be the gold standard for this generation of quarterbacks.

“But the Baltimore Ravens quarterback is however quite capable of putting his team on their backs and leading them to victory while using a special array of talent few can replicate and the defenses will struggle to stop . That’s what elite quarterbacks do, isn’t it? And maybe – just maybe – we can allow that to be enough. ”

Even NFL Network’s Bucky Brooks, who suggested ahead of this year’s draft that the Ravens might consider selecting Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields and let Jackson “graduate,” gushes about Jackson.

“Although his unorthodox style of play pushes his critics to the wall, Jackson is a ball player with the secret sauce needed to play at an A-plus level when needed,” Brooks wrote. “Whether he’s using his legs to create explosive plays in the running game or relying on his athleticism to extend plays on scrambled throws, the young playmaker finds a way to keep the offensives going. Ravens on time.

“If quarterbacks are judged on wins instead of garish passing stats, it’s hard to dispute Jackson’s value to the Ravens as a dynamic playmaker with the ability to win games as a runner or pitcher. . ”


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