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The Tampa Bay Rays nabbed a playoff berth on Wednesday, but that was side story against the Toronto Blue Jays.
In the previous game, Rays center Kevin Kiermaier was the center of attention as he was Toronto wide receiver Alejandro Kirk, who the Rays refused to hand over to the visiting club. Less than 24 hours later, in the series final between the two AL East teams, Kiermaier returned to the spotlight as he was struck by a pitch thrown by Blue Jays reliever Ryan Borucki in the eighth inning. .

Borucki was sent off after the umpires gathered to examine the slapped hitter, which then led to Blue Jays manager Charlie Montoyo and very red-faced pitching coach Pete Walker bursting onto the pitch.

Walker was also excluded from the match for his outburst.

Kiermaier didn’t give up after the 7-1 win, focusing on the late-game drama.

“Oh yeah, that was intentional”, “Pretty much almost went behind me. I thought it was a weak move, to be completely honest. It’s finish. It didn’t hurt, so I don’t care. No matter. We move forward. We won the series and I hope we take on these guys, really. “

When Kiermaier was asked why he wanted to face the Blue Jays again, it was a mystery to say the least. “The motivation is there,” he says. “That’s all there is to say.

Although Kiermaier was so sure it was intentional, Montoyo had a different idea of ​​what had happened, but was certainly sympathetic to the Rays’ reaction.

“Pete’s reaction told me all about it,” “He missed it. He hit it, but I understand what it looks like. I understood how the Rays got mad about it. This thing lasted two days.

With just 10 games to go in the regular season, Toronto is on a hot Wild Card run with division rivals Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees. The two clubs involved in the ruckus will no longer face each other unless the Blue Jays secure a playoff berth and are able to beat their opponents in this one-game playoff game.

As if the MLB playoffs weren’t dramatic enough, there is now an underlying narrative ready to spill over at any point if the two face each other in a series.

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