Justice Center issues final warning to Ontario regarding vax passports – .

Justice Center issues final warning to Ontario regarding vax passports – .

TORONTO : The Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms sent a legal warning letter to the Ontario government on behalf of four clients demanding the immediate revocation of the vaccine passport warrant. The law requires Ontarians as young as 12 years of age to provide proof of two doses of Covid mRNA vaccination as of September 22, 2021, or be denied access to a wide range of businesses and organizations, including field trips to city facilities. The Justice Center has informed the province that it will take legal action if Ontario does not end its unconstitutional discrimination against those who have not yet chosen to receive the investigational vaccines.

Since the announcement of the vaccine passport, the Justice Center has received hundreds of emails from Ontarians concerned about loss of jobs, loss of worship capacity and denial of access to restaurants, bars, gyms, sporting events , meeting and event spaces, and more, unless they show proof of their confidential medical immunization status.

The Ontario Ministry of Health said the government will only recognize two medical exemptions for vaccine passports: one for those who are allergic to any ingredient in the vaccine, with verification provided by an allergist, and another for those who have had myocarditis or pericarditis after the first dose of a vaccine. There is no provision for exemptions based on religion and belief, two grounds protected under the charter and Human rights law.

Covid mRNA vaccines are new, with no long-term safety profile, and clinical trials will not be completed until 2023. As such, Covid vaccines are experimental. Canadians have the right to informed consent and the right to be fully informed about the side effects of the Covid vaccine, which has known side effects. Vaccine makers said there was no data on the vaccine’s effects on fertility or its safety in pregnant women or children. Emerging data unequivocally establishes that the Delta variant spreads freely in the fully vaccinated population, and there are emerging links to miscarriages in pregnant women and a demonstrated risk of heart inflammation in adolescents.

On the face of it, vaccine passports violate the constitutionally protected rights of Canadians to freedom of conscience, the right to liberty and security of the person, and the right to be equal before the law. Based on these guarantees, every Canadian has the right to bodily autonomy and to decide which medical procedure to accept or reject. The letter of formal notice affirms that compulsory vaccination against Covid constitutes a significant, unjustified and profound violation of the rights of Canadians that cannot be justified in a free and democratic society.

“Article 7 of charter guarantees the right to liberty and security of the person. Ontarians should not be coerced or pressured by the government to undergo a medical procedure to which they do not consent. Informed consent and the right to bodily autonomy are two principles that our laws have long protected. It will be a tragedy to see Ontarians, including children, being forced to get vaccinated, or be socially marginalized, ”said Jorge Pineda, lawyer at the Justice Center.

People who have not been vaccinated for a variety of reasons, including religious beliefs, beliefs and medical issues, or concerns about serious side effects, will effectively be isolated and marginalized. Their participation in society will be limited to what is deemed “essential” by the government.

“The new mandate will have the effect of separating individuals and in particular young children from society at large. The imposition of a system that denies Canadians access to certain services arbitrarily defined as non-essential by the government creates a slippery slope and leads to a dangerous descent into a medical dictatorship, ”notes Justice Center lawyer Henna Parmar .

“If we do not end these measures, we will put unlimited power in the hands of the government to dictate what medical care we receive, what drugs we take and what privileges they will grant us which should be basic rights,” adds Ms. Parmar.


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