Is that Brian Laundrie? Missing homicide suspect spotted in Toronto, Florida, Mexico – .

Is that Brian Laundrie? Missing homicide suspect spotted in Toronto, Florida, Mexico – .

There has been an explosion of public reporting spotting Laundrie, a person of interest in the murder of Gabby Petito

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As the search for his whereabouts intensifies, there has been an explosion of public reports spotting Brian Laundrie. Here are some of the places Laundrie, a person of interest in the Gabby Petito murder, is believed to be hiding:

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1. Toronto

Screenshot from TikTok video showing Brian Laundrie, left, and a lookalike spotted in Toronto. Photo by CWLYNN / TIKTOK /Toronto sun

A flight attendant took a photo of a man with similar hair and the same height as Laundrie’s near an unnamed hotel in Toronto. She said the man looked “pissed off” as he exited the hotel and drove off with another man, the UK Sun reported.

“I don’t know if that looks like her or if I just fell too far down the rabbit hole,” the woman said in a social media post. “You can see the hollow of his mustache and the ears are tilted down [in the photo], but my ears go down when I wear a face mask, ”she suggested.

The woman said she spoke to hotel staff about the man’s resemblance to Laundrie and was told “he didn’t know where he was going and he was wrong. ‘hotel’.

2. Mexico

A photo posted on Twitter appears to show a man at a restaurant in Mexico who many say looks like Laundrie. The viral photo reportedly emerged a day after an arrest warrant was issued for Laundrie. His parents reported him missing last Friday, telling police he had not returned from a hike in a nature preserve in Sarasota, Florida.

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3. Florida

A surveillance camera photo shows a man who fits Laundrie’s description walking along a wilderness trail in Baker, Fla., 500 miles from his Florida home, TMZ reported. The photo was taken in the early hours of the morning, four days after Laundrie was reported missing. The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office released a statement saying the man was in fact a resident of Okaloosa and that after a thorough search they “found no indication that Brian Laundrie is or was found. in Okaloosa County ”.

4. Alabama

A Twitter user reported seeing a man who looked like Laundrie hitchhiking and being dropped off near a Wal-Mart in Mobile, Ala. Local police have conducted a search and are examining security footage including a restaurant Laundrie allegedly dined at, WMBF reports.

5. Its own neighborhood

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One of Laundrie’s neighbors took a photo of a man believed to be Laundrie walking barefoot in the wilderness on September 17, days after he went missing on September 14. The man was seen near his own home in North Point, Florida.


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