International boss Derek Haas teases’ epic’ three-way crossover – .

International boss Derek Haas teases’ epic’ three-way crossover – .

Dick Wolf FBI The universe is growing! The second spin-off of the franchise, FBI : international, is set to debut this Tuesday as part of a three-way crossover with FBI and FBI: most wanted, from 8 / 7c on CBS.

“’Epic’ is the perfect word for it,” showrunner Derek Haas told TVLine of the three-hour event. “It stretches from America to Hungary via Croatia and vice versa. All the characters must work together to stop the worst villain. “

FBI : international (starting Tuesday at 10 p.m.) follows the FBI Fly Team, a specialist group headquartered in Budapest that tracks down and neutralizes threats against Americans, going anywhere at any time. “They move from country to country in Europe every week, partnering with international law enforcement to bring criminals to justice,” says Haas. “Overall it’s a fast-paced, action packed race. “

FBI : international stars Luke Kleintank (The man of the high castle, YOU) as Special Agent Scott Forrester, the dedicated team leader who puts his missions before his personal life and “is rarely seen without” the secret weapon “of the team – their trusty dog ​​Schutzhund, Tank” , according to the official synopsis.

Tank is the franchise’s first four-legged regular and will travel with the team everywhere. Trained in Schutzhund’s technique to help whenever duty calls him, the furry team player was a retired FBI corpse dog before Forrester took him to Europe.

The crew also includes Special Agent Jamie Kellett (Poldark‘s Heida Reed), a woman who is not afraid to fight and whose vast network of informants is a powerful resource; Special Agent André Raines (Orange is the new black‘s Carter Redwood), whose accounting background is helpful in tracking criminal business money; Special Agent Cameron Vo (Lucifer‘s Vinessa Vidotto), a competitive West Point graduate and the newest member of the team who excels in questioning and strategy; and Europol agent Katrin Jaeger (Homologue‘s Christiane Paul), the “imperturbable and multilingual liaison between the FBI Fly team and every host country they inhabit.”

According to Haas, Jaeger will be a big part of the season as the team tackles everything from a “large cryptocurrency theft ring to a global sex trafficking organization that spans three shows.”

With the FBI franchise, the Law and order franchise and #OneChicago are all part of Dick Wolf’s expanded TV universe, that leaves the potential for an eight-part mega crossover. And while Haas “can’t even think about it,” he notes that “knowing Dick Wolf, where there is a will, there is a way.”


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