Idris Elba Returns as Luther in Netflix Film Alongside Cythia Erivo and Andy Serkis

Idris Elba Returns as Luther in Netflix Film Alongside Cythia Erivo and Andy Serkis

Idris Elba is reprising the role of Luther for a film on Netflix, the streaming giant has said.

It will follow the story of Chief Detective Inspector John Luther, played by Elba, and will also star Cynthia Erivo and Andy Serkis in the film version of the critically acclaimed BBC drama.

Andy Serkis will also star in the film Luther. Photo: AP
Cynthia Erivo would play the role of a rival detective. Photo: Patrick Gipson

Show creator Neil Cross is returning to write the film, with Jamie Payne – who has directed a few episodes of the show – expected to oversee the proceedings.

The streaming service, which is making the film with the BBC, says it is “an epic sequel to the Luther saga reimagined for the film,” and will apparently see it facing a number of new challenges.

Genius star Erivo was reportedly hired to play a rival detective in the new film, according to The Hollywood Reporter, while Lord of the Rings actor Serkis would play the villain.

The role could give Erivo the coveted “EGOT” status, having previously won Emmy, Grammy and Tony for his role in The Color Purple on Broadway.

Elba has won Golden Globes and a Royal Television Society award for his role as Luther, with the show winning praise from critics and fans alike.

Luther’s fifth series in January 2019 aired over four nights and saw the return of the murderous sidekick of main character Alice Morgan (played by Ruth Wilson), after speculating that she died at the end of the season. former.


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