Hospitalization data released after public pressure – .

Hospitalization data released after public pressure – .


Following intense public pressure and scrutiny, health officials in British Columbia have finally revealed a more accurate account of the number of patients hospitalized due to COVID-19.

More than a week after CTV News asked for the numbers and was the first to report on double-counting methods, the province now says that as of Tuesday there were 152 more patients in the hospital due COVID but which were no longer contagious and therefore had “interrupted isolation”.

On Thursday, he reported 330 infectious and still hospitalized, including 148 in intensive care.

So, in fact, British Columbia has over 480 people hospitalized with COVID-19, both infectious and non-infectious; the province of Manitoba has reported its numbers this way for some time.

“For most cases, isolation is ended after 10 days, provided there is no fever and symptoms improve,” the government wrote in a press release after failing to respond to multiple attempts at clarification and statistics from CTV. “These same requirements are in effect in Ontario, Alberta and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States. In British Columbia, for severe cases, the guideline is 20 days. ”

Dr Bonnie Henry had dodged CTV News’ question about it on Tuesday, declining to give the total number and pointing out that they always kept two sets of COVID-19 patient counts.

The ministry declined several requests to further discuss the matter with Henry.

“The Department of Health is reviewing hospitalizations and intensive care beds to ensure the sustainability of the system,” noted the statement, which does not commit to providing the non-infectious hospitalization number in the future, nor does it ‘explains why the public is left in the dark about how COVID is contributing to canceled surgeries, long wait times for emergency care and the inability to support Alberta’s healthcare system on the move to collapse.

The policy has drawn intense criticism and calls for greater transparency from health officials, which has been a problem throughout the pandemic.

Hours after the declaration, the province released its daily numbers of infections and hospitalizations as it always has, without the “time-cleared” or “out of precautions” patients in the summary and noting the patients. hospitalized as a subset of all active COVID-19 cases. .

CTV News asked if the ministry would adopt the same reporting structure as Manitoba and Ontario and amend its reporting to include all hospitalizations due to COVID-19, whether infectious or not.

“We are always trying to provide more data and information to the public, including in the BCCDC monitoring dashboard and situation report,” wrote a senior spokesperson for the ministry. “The BCCDC is considering this. ”


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