French Jews are granted all their rights by law – .

French Jews are granted all their rights by law – .

On September 27, 1791, the French National Assembly voted to give the Jewish people of France equal rights before the law.

The gradual improvement in the conditions of the Jews was progressing before the vote. In 1785, the voting tax on Jews was abolished and restrictions on the locations of Jewish settlements were abolished.

However, when the Declaration of Human Rights was adopted in August 1789, it was interpreted at the time as not including Jews.

The Jewish Law was adopted on September 27, 1791, on the proposal of Adrien-Jean-Fracois Duport. The text says:

“I believe that freedom of worship allows no distinction in the political rights of citizens because of their belief. The question of the political existence of the Jews was adjourned. However, Muslims and men of all sects are allowed to enjoy political rights in France. I ask that the motion of postponement be withdrawn and that a decree be passed so that the Jews in France enjoy the privileges of full citizens.

Scenes of STREET AND port of Saint-Jean-de-Luz, France. (credit: BASQUE COUNTRY TOURIST OFFICE)This proposal was accepted with applause. Several tried to oppose the motion, but the President of the Assembly suggested: “that all those who speak against this motion be called to order because he would oppose the constitution itself” .

Two days later, the National Assembly separated, and on November 13, Louis XVI ratified the law declaring Jews French citizens.


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