France “throws away the toys of the stroller” as fears grow about the sanction of fishing in the Channel | Politics

France “throws away the toys of the stroller” as fears grow about the sanction of fishing in the Channel | Politics

An amnesty period allowing French ships unimpeded access to Jersey waters is due to expire on September 30 – before new measures are put in place. From October 1, French vessels must prove that they have fished in Jersey waters, otherwise they will not be issued licenses.

Crucial negotiations have taken place in recent weeks to resolve the issues, but Jersey ministers, along with UK officials, have yet to strike a deal with France.
However, after the United States and Britain signed a nuclear submarine deal with Australia, forcing Australia to cancel a previous $ 40 billion French-designed submarine deal , tensions between London and Paris increased.

Paris was indignant that Australia is negotiating with Washington and London behind its back, French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian denouncing this as a “betrayal” and a “stab in the back”.

French officials were told of the loss of the contract just hours before US President Joe Biden unveiled the new AUKUS security and defense partnership between the three English-speaking countries, which includes the submarine deal.

Jersey Home Secretary MP Gregory Guida said: “I think the French are quite upset about it but on reading I think the deal was almost inevitable.
“But it’s a bit of an insult to the French and it made them extremely angry so it’s not going to help our situation.

“I think it could have an impact on the whole Brexit – we have to remember that the Jersey fishery is important from a sovereignty point of view, but economically it is only a very small part. “

A licensing dispute began in May when France and Britain sent patrol boats off the coast of Jersey after a flotilla of French fishing boats came to the island in protest.

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Andrew Rosindell, chair of the all-party parliamentary group for the Channel Islands, added to the JEP: Submarines do not bode well for a sensible and mature discussion on these issues.

“I hope I am wrong. “


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