Former Trump insider expected to reveal ‘surprising new scandals’ in revealing memoir – .

Former Trump insider expected to reveal ‘surprising new scandals’ in revealing memoir – .

The former chief of staff of Melania Trump must expose “surprising scandals” in a new memoir on his time in the White House.
Stephanie Grisham also served as Press Secretary and Director of Communications for a time, making her the only person who served under both Donald and Mrs Trump, and one of the few to have access at their private residence.

“There isn’t enough water on earth to contain the fire it could light in everyone Trump, including parts like the first lady’s orbit, which few are able to.” enlighten, ”a former colleague from the West Wing told Axios. “It’s hard to express how much anxiety this will cause. ”

The colleague continued, “When I heard that all I could think of was Stephanie surrounded by a lake of gasoline, hitting a match with a smile on her face. “

A source with knowledge of the publication told Axios that Grisham “has receipts” from her time in the White House because her job as press secretary kept her up to date on everything that was going on in the White House.

“Grisham knows where all the bodies are buried because she has buried a lot of them herself,” the source added.

Ms Grisham was the third of four to serve as press secretary under Mr Trump, and has been criticized for not having held any briefings in the press room during the eight months she spent in that role.

I’ll answer your questions now: what I saw in the Trump White House set to be published Oct. 5 by Harper Collins, and is the latest in a series of revealing memoirs to be published by former White House staff, including last year Melanie and me by Ms Trump’s former friend and senior advisor, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff.


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