Five observations of Bayern Munich’s dominant 3-1 win over Greuther Fürth – .

Five observations of Bayern Munich’s dominant 3-1 win over Greuther Fürth – .

Return 3? Return 4? Anyway, it worked really well

Bayern Munich started their game against Fürth with three players who are mostly center-backs and two full-backs, in what looked like a 3-4-3 / 5-2-3 hybrid. However, as the game progressed it was unclear whether this was a three-man or a four-man endline, with Davies playing more as a winger. To me it looked a bit like one in three experiments, which Nagelsmann probably had to resort to due to the squadron’s understaffing. And it worked like a charm.

Yes, it was against the Bundesliga slums, and yes they did each other a disservice, so I’m going to save my judgments for this roster for the bigger games. Everything was about to be another comfortable clean sheet for Bayern, until …

Pavaaarrrghhh ?

Benjamin Pavard, Bayern’s previously trustworthy RB, was sent off for a very poor last man challenge in the second half. It was poor decision-making and poor positioning on his part, and the player hasn’t done much to justify a starting role this season. One of the key elements of Bayern’s treble season, Pavard fell out of favor very quickly, and it was a steep fall. At this point, there’s no reason Stanisic can’t start over regularly.

Since Kimmich moved from RB to midfielder, Bayern have not had a permanent solution to RB’s problem. And if Stanisic doesn’t make the cut (I hope he does), the club might have some expenses to make next summer.

Short, smart bursts of pressure

Julian Nagelsmann is one of the most talented coaches in the world. He’s not called a training genius for no reason. And the changes he is implementing in this Bayern squad are becoming more and more apparent with each passing game. A surprisingly obvious aspect of his tactics is Bayern’s clever approach to pressing. This involves players charging the opposing player with possession by two or three to try to quickly dispossess the player or force an errant pass.

Players no longer run like mad against opposing defenders and midfielders. This compact, well-concerted press means the whole team doesn’t have to press like crazy for 90 minutes. This would allow players to save energy and also push to the other flank to receive the ball in dangerous areas.

Good job, coach.

Chances, chances and more chances

Yet another Nagelsball brand feature that we all love. Bayern create countless chances which just means that the number of scoring opportunities would also increase leading to more goals. The team have already scored 23 goals in just six Bundesliga games, or almost 4 goals per game, a crazy statistic. Sure, tougher games will come, but if Bayern keep scoring you can support this team to surpass the 100 goal mark this season in the BuLi.

Lewandowski scored? no problem

Greuther Fürth managed to keep Robert Lewandowski silent on the goal front. It was his first game in a long, long time where he had failed to score. The opposition constantly had 3 players scoring him, believing they could prevent Bayern from scoring in this way. What naivety.

It fell straight into Bayern’s turf, with both Müller and Kimmich on the scoresheet. Kimmich has scored three goals in his last two BuLi games, and that’s a good sign. Bayern have plenty of offensive weapons aside from Lewandowski, and they can all step up their combinations to grab goals if their talisman is well marked or if he has a day off. This team looks really scary for the rest of Europe right now.


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