Eco-activists block highway junction for third time in a week – .

Eco-activists block highway junction for third time in a week – .

Climate protesters blocked a junction in Leatherhead on the M25 on Friday morning for the third time in a week.

Insulate Britain, which calls for government action on house insulation, has halted traffic on a section of Britain’s busiest motorway.

at 8:38 am The group of 14 came out on the road with banners on Friday and stopped cars from moving.

Enraged motorists got out of their cars to chat with the group.

Police were at the scene within three minutes of the group’s arrival, with one holding a video camera. The group said they called police shortly before entering the road.

Two protesters were arrested for criminal damage as members of the group also painted ‘IB’, for Insulate Britain, on the road in big blue letters.

Before 9 a.m. the whole group had been arrested for conspiracy to cause a public nuisance and moved to the side of the road. The blue paint remained and was picked up from the wheels of some cars as they passed.

at 9:05 am the police began to move the protesters to vans. A protester’s backpack was searched while he was lying on the ground and refused to move.

Derek Turner, 64, who was held up on the front lines, said he had come from Dorset for a doctor’s appointment. “It took two and a half hours to get here and now I’m going to miss it,” he said.

“Look at the pollution they cause. I think it’s a waste of time. ”


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