Dutch Foreign Minister Sigrid Kaag resigns following the Afghan crisis – .

Dutch Foreign Minister Sigrid Kaag resigns following the Afghan crisis – .

According to the ministry, a debate took place Wednesday in the Dutch parliament on the crisis in Afghanistan and the evacuation efforts. A motion was drafted condemning the cabinet’s handling of the situation.

“Such motions do not require immediate resignation, it was Sigrid Kaag’s own decision to resign,” said the press secretary.

In a statement, Kaag wrote that she supported what had happened in Kabul, but accepted responsibility for the body’s determination.

Tens of thousands of foreigners and Afghans associated with international organizations were airlifted out of Kabul last month after the Taliban took control of the country on August 15.

But scores of other vulnerable people were left behind in a chaotic evacuation operation, prompting criticism that Western powers had let down many of those who had worked with them over the past two decades. .

Dutch military planes carried around 2,100 people from Afghanistan to neighboring countries during the last two weeks of August, and nearly 1,700 of them had the Netherlands as their final destination, according to Reuters.

But hundreds of Dutch citizens, many of Afghan origin, and an unknown number of Afghans whose jobs put them at risk were unable to reach the airport to be transported to safety, the agency said. hurry.

Reporting contributed by Emily Smith of CNN in Atlanta.


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