Driver pulls knife through gas station row as motorists resort to wrong fuel – .

Driver pulls knife through gas station row as motorists resort to wrong fuel – .

The problem is being felt hard by essential workers, as the government continues to face calls to give priority access to fuel supplies to health workers and other essential workers.

An ambulance involved in a collision on Saturday night after trying to bypass a queue at a Shell garage in Bromley, south-east London, while another driver warned if he couldn’t get fuel soon, it might not be able to answer emergency calls. exits.

Dr David Wrigley, vice-chairman of the British Medical Association, said essential services could be affected if staff cannot get to work because they cannot fill up.

“I know a lot of my colleagues working in the health and social services field will be getting into the car this morning, nervously looking at the fuel dial and wondering if they have enough fuel to do their daily jobs,” he said. he told The Times. Radio.

“We can’t wait two or three hours in a fuel line when we have patients to see.

“This is a critical situation where we are not sure we have the fuel to do NHS and social work so a plan has to be in place. “

Dr Julia Grace Patterson, executive director of the EveryDoctor campaign group, said doctors were “desperately concerned about patients” they “can’t care for … if they can’t get to work.”

The NASUWT teachers’ union said that priority access should also be given to teachers if children did not face further disruption to their education.

General Secretary Patrick Roach said: “For many teachers, using public transport is just not an option, with many schools in areas that are difficult to reach other than using private vehicles.

“Without such intervention, many teachers will find it difficult to get to their workplace on time, adding to the uncertainty and daily disruption that children and young people face.

As many service stations ran out of fuel, a Texaco garage in Newton Heath, Manchester, appealed to customers with a large ‘WE HAVE FUEL’ banner.


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