Democrats look to push forward spending plans as government shutdown looms – Live

Democrats look to push forward spending plans as government shutdown looms – Live

Greetings from Washington, live bloggers.

Congress Democrats are trying to put out the fires on multiple fronts as they seek to simultaneously advance their economic agenda and avoid a government shutdown.

Democratic leaders scramble for both bipartisan infrastructure bill and $ 3.5 billion reconciliation package Joe Bidenthe office of.

Nancy Pelosi speaks to reporters after a pair of votes on Capitol Hill yesterday. Photograph: Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

However, progressive lawmakers have threatened to torpedo the infrastructure bill unless they receive guarantees that the reconciliation package will also pass, while moderate Democrats demand that the reconciliation package be reduced.

Meanwhile, Democratic leaders are also trying to avoid a government shutdown and raise the debt ceiling, essentially daring Republicans to help them do that.

leader of the senatorial minority Mitch McConnell insisted Republicans will not help Democrats raise the debt ceiling, even though both sides have acted in concert to raise the debt ceiling for Donald Trumpthe Presidency.

Democrats are combining a government spending proposal and a debt ceiling suspension in one bill, meaning the United States could face a government shutdown and economic disaster if Republicans follow through at McConnell’s threat.

Negotiations on all of these proposals will continue today on Capitol Hill. Stay tuned.


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