Democrats face electoral headwinds in swing states as Biden’s job approval sinks – .

Democrats face electoral headwinds in swing states as Biden’s job approval sinks – .

President Joe Biden faces a voter slowdown that could hurt Democrats in election races and drop the party’s congressional majority in the midterm elections, pollsters and strategists say.

The erosion of a slew of new battlefield polls “says a lot about the challenges Democrats face in 2022,” Republican pollster Robert Blizzard said. He said Biden failed to deliver a vision that unites voters from all political backgrounds, as he promised when he took office.

Independent voters who “stuck their noses” to vote for Biden “see what they got, they don’t like him,” he said.


Biden faces dismal job approval ratings in several battlefield states, including Michigan, Virginia and Iowa, where the president had the lowest score since George W. Bush in 2008 in a poll this week.

Less than a third of Iowans approve of Biden’s chair at 31%, compared with 62% who disapprove, according to a Sept. 12-15 poll for the Des Moines Register / Mediacom by Selzer & Co. Seven percent said ‘they were unsure.

As the President’s handling of COVID-19 is his highest approval rating on a policy issue at 36% approval, the number has dropped 17 percentage points from 53% approval in June. His recent vaccination mandate and the withdrawal from Afghanistan have both met with strong reprimands.

“It’s a bad poll for Joe Biden, and it’s playing into everything he’s touching right now,” pollster J. Ann Selzer told The Register.

The poll of 805 Iowa residents has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points.

A Trump adviser in the state said Selzer “was right” – and that he shared the poll with his team.

Iowa Republican strategist Luke Martz called the latest numbers “devastating” for Democrats in the state. And Biden’s fall was “breathtaking”.

The poll, which came shortly before former President Donald Trump returned to Iowa for a rally on Oct. 9, should put Democrats on edge.

Biden is trying to pull his caucus together as Democratic lawmakers threaten to sink his sweeping infrastructure and social spending proposals.

“Biden’s biggest problem isn’t the Republicans who don’t like him,” Martz said. “His biggest problem right now is Democrats don’t like him. He cannot put his own party on the same page.

In Michigan, Biden’s support took a similar plunge.

In an Aug 31-Sep. 3 survey conducted by the Glengariff Group, 39% of registered voters said they approved of Biden’s professional performance, compared with 53% who disapproved and 8% with no opinion. Among voters who felt strongly, Biden is underwater by more than 22 percentage points, 44.5% versus 22%.

Contributing to Biden’s decline is a 32 percentage point drop from May with lean Democratic voters and an 11 percentage point drop with Independents.

The poll had a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percentage points. He was commissioned by the Detroit Regional House, whose Political Action Committee supported Gretchen Whitmer, a Democrat, in her run for governor in 2018.

Along with Biden’s slide is a broader Democratic slide. In the recent generic Congressional polls, Republicans have gained a head start or have landed at a standstill with Democrats.

In governor races, Biden runs behind Democratic allies who would otherwise hope to build on his support.

In Virginia, where Biden won the 2020 presidential race by 19 percentage points, a Washington Post-Schar School poll showed gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe, the former Democratic governor of the seeking state re-election, was behind Republican Glenn Youngkin with Independents, 44% to 52%. McAuliffe has a 6 percentage point lead over Youngkin, 49% to 43% among registered voters. In July, Biden dropped McAuliffe, governor of the state from 2014 to 2018.

“There is a deficit of intensity here for Democrats compared to what they were … in Trump’s day,” Mark Rozell, dean of the Schar School of Policy and Government at the United States, told the Washington Post. George Mason University, which co-sponsored the survey. “It tells me it’s a direct draw election right now. “


Biden’s performance in office is underwater in the state, with 46% approval and 51% disapproval. Three percent had no opinion.

In Michigan, approval of Whitmer’s performance in power holds a narrow 2 percentage point lead, 50% to 48% disapproval, according to the Glengariff Group poll. In September 2020, 59% of voters approved the management of its work. The decline mainly occurred among independent voters.

Blizzard said recent battlefield polls “serve as a reminder that the 2020 presidential election was a referendum on Donald Trump.” But that foil has lost power as Biden’s record in power grows.

“Eight, nine months later, it’s really the Biden White House, the Biden agenda, the Biden administration,” Blizzard said. “And there is a lot of buyer’s remorse right now among independent voters. “

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