Democrat reveals abortion after being raped as a teenager – .

Democrat reveals abortion after being raped as a teenager – .

Representative Cori Bush, a first-year Democratic lawmaker who has made her name fighting to extend the federal ban on deportations in Congress, revealed on Wednesday that she had an abortion following a rape that occurred while she was a teenager.
Ms Bush detailed the attack in an interview published in Vanity Show Wednesday, and pledged to speak in more detail about her experience at a hearing of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform on Thursday.

“Tomorrow I will share a story that I have never fully told publicly before. I am testifying at the Abortion Care Oversight Committee hearing and will share that at 17, I was raped, became pregnant, and had an abortion. And I’m not ashamed, ”she wrote on Twitter.

In his interview with Vanity Fair, Ms. Bush explains that the rape took place when she was 17 and attending a church camp in Jackson, Mississippi. man asked to come to Mrs. Bush’s room to socialize.

According to the MP, the two men talked for a while before the man suddenly began to undress and put himself on top of her.

“I just remember I was lying there and I just didn’t know what was going on… I couldn’t understand that it made sense,” she said. Vanity Fair, adding from the meeting: “all of a sudden, we went from talking, he was on top. He was like undressing me… He makes love, he penetrates me ”.

On Thursday, the monitoring panel is expected to have a discussion on “the urgent need to expand abortion rights and access.” The hearing follows the implementation of a six-week abortion ban in the state of Texas, as well as a legal challenge launched by Mississippi to overthrow Roe V Wade and end the right to an abortion established by the Supreme Court across the country. .

Democrats have reacted to recent events with concern; progressives in particular are pushing the Biden administration to either expand the Supreme Court and weaken its conservative majority, or codify abortion rights into federal law; both prospects seem highly unlikely given the current political realities in Washington.

The recent conservative-dominated Supreme Court ruling to allow the Texas ban to go into effect has only emboldened progressives who argue the court should be expanded to prevent a rollback in women’s rights .

Ms Bush joined the calls last April, tweeting “expand the court” after President Joe Biden announced the formation of an expert panel to explore potential court reforms.


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