Covid patient at center of QAnon campaign for ivermectin treatment dies in hospital – .

Covid patient at center of QAnon campaign for ivermectin treatment dies in hospital – .

A woman celebrated by QAnon believers and other conspiracy theorists for her personal campaign against Covid-19 prevention and treatment measures has died in hospital from the very disease whose seriousness she has questioned.
Veronica Wolski, a woman from Illinois known for holding up pro-QAnon banners at motorists above what she called the “People’s Bridge,” has died in intensive care after several weeks in the hospital. hospital. She had previously bragged about never wearing a mask or being vaccinated, and posted videos of herself clash with retail workers on entering their stores without a mask.

While Ms Wolski was in intensive care, conspiracy theorists and QAnon supporters who had come to regard her as a heroine bombarded the hospital with phone calls demanding that she be released and treated with ivermectin, an antiparasitic drug that some on the American right is hailed as an effective treatment against Covid-19. The FDA has warned that it can be very dangerous to take the drug, especially in formulations intended for animals rather than humans.

Pro-Trump lawyer Lin Wood, who over the past year has become a key figure in the far-right firmament, was among those leading the charge to end Ms Wolski’s care in favor of a Ivermectin “treatment”. In the days leading up to his death, he shared a video of himself phoning the hospital and telling the woman who answered the phone that Ms Wolski had to be released – and that if she wasn’t, the ‘hospital would be guilty of murder.

After his death, supporters began to circulate a two minute tribute video with extracts from its demonstrations interspersed with commemorative military salutes.

Mr Wood has become one of the ex-president’s foremost public outriders following the 2020 election, appearing on stage at “Stop the Steal” rallies alongside figures such as the lawyer for “Kraken. Sidney Powell. He has since been the subject of legal action to examine whether he broke ethical rules with his pro-Trump lawsuits, one of which saw him attempt to avoid having his mental health assessed.

Mr Wood has been banned from major social media platforms for his false claims about the alleged ‘theft’ of the 2020 election. He is now using his Telegram channel to call on her supporters to engage in “non-violent civil disobedience” following Ms. Wolski’s death.


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