Covid-19, expense bill, California, North Korea, India – .

Covid-19, expense bill, California, North Korea, India – .

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2. Expense invoice

House Democrats are expected to release a draft proposal for their $ 3.5 trillion budget today. And Democrats are looking to raise taxes for the nation’s wealthiest and businesses to pay them, according to the latest details, which could change before the project is released. These new tax thresholds would only affect people earning more than $ 400,000 a year and businesses with income over $ 5 million. The budget plan will likely have no Republican support, but Democrats hope to approve it through reconciliation, which, under Senate rules, means it can be passed without any GOP votes.

3. Californian reminder

California’s recall election is entering its home stretch as voters prepare to go to the polls tomorrow to decide the fate of Gov. Gavin Newsom. All registered voters in the state got a mail-in ballot, and of the millions of votes already cast, Democrats surpass their edge in the Blue State. The effort to oust Newsom, who was elected in 2018, was launched last year by conservative Californians critical of the Democratic governor’s record on immigration, taxes, the death penalty and the homeless crisis. – sheltered in the state, among others. The effort has gathered momentum amid criticism of Newsom’s handling of the pandemic. However, ousting Newsom also means replacing him, and Newsom and his Democratic allies have painted a dire picture of the future of the pandemic under potential GOP candidates in case the recall fight succeeds.

4. North Korea

North Korea claims to have successfully tested new long-range cruise missiles over the weekend, according to state media. The country’s announcement comes as South Korea’s top nuclear envoy visits Japan today to discuss North Korea with US and Japanese officials. The Chinese foreign minister is also expected to visit South Korea this week. While the international community has long been concerned about North Korea’s ballistic missile program, cruise missiles are a little different. They are powered by jet engines and are generally not designed to carry nuclear warheads. Yet such systems pose a threat to North Korea’s neighbors. The secret nation has launched several missile tests this year in an attempt to show off its advances and assert its importance.

5. Inde

The murderous rape of a woman last week in India sent shockwaves across the country and shed new light on India’s rape crisis. Activists pointed out that the case is similar to a notorious 2012 incident in which a woman died after being violently raped. This tragedy has led to an increased call for stricter laws on sexual assault. The number of reported rapes has increased since the 2012 incident, potentially due to greater awareness of the problem. More than 32,000 cases of suspected rape against women were reported in 2019 – one every 17 minutes or so – said India’s National Crime Records Bureau. A man has been arrested and is in custody in this latest attack.


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