Conservative Nova Scotia candidate apologizes for sharing racist posts on Facebook – .

Conservative Nova Scotia candidate apologizes for sharing racist posts on Facebook – .

OTTAWA – A Conservative candidate from Nova Scotia has apologized for sharing social media posts about Muslims and immigrants, but will continue to run for the party in a riding once held by the former premier Brian Mulroney.

“In the past, I have shared posts on social media without thinking about how those posts might hurt or offend others,” Central Nova nominee Steven Cotter said in a statement to CTV News on Saturday. by the party.

“I deleted these messages and I apologize wholeheartedly to those I have offended. “

On Facebook, Cotter reposted posts about Sharia, an Islamic legal tradition, expressed support for Canada banning the burqa worn by some Muslim women and questioned funding for immigrants at the expense of veterans.

Cotter is a city councilor, school bus driver and volunteer firefighter, according to his campaign’s Facebook page.

One of the stories reposted by Cotter’s now-disabled Facebook account describes a Muslim passenger who asked his black London cab driver to turn off the radio because the music offended his faith. The driver is described as telling the passenger to get out and ride a camel instead.

Cotter added the “That’s a damn good question” comment to a replay of a post asking why British, Canadian, American and British military veterans receive reduced pensions, while immigrants “who did nothing for our countries’ receive housing, medical care and other benefits.

He also commented “a very big yes” to an article showing a photo of women wearing the burqa with the caption “France and the Netherlands ban the burqa for security reasons. Repost if you think Canada should do the same! “

He also reposted a post on Facebook falsely claiming that former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard told Muslims who wanted to live under Islamic Sharia law to leave the country.

Liberal Sean Fraser occupied Central Nova when Parliament dissolved and is running for re-election.

Mulroney won the constituency in a by-election in 1983. Cotter’s campaign Facebook page includes the endorsement of former constituency MP Peter MacKay.

On Friday, a Liberal candidate from Alberta apologized for a Twitter message she posted in June in response to reports of dissent within the Green Party.

Irene Walker, who runs in Sturgeon River – Parkland, tweeted about leader Annamie Paul, who is black and Jewish: “Personally I think she’s done women a huge disservice, people who aren’t. white women and Jews.

In a statement, Walker said, “I made inappropriate comments online that I shouldn’t have made and I regret it. She remains the Liberal candidate in the riding.

The Liberals announced on Saturday that Ontario MP Raj Saini would no longer be their candidate in Kitchener Center, following a CBC report on allegations of sexual misconduct he denied.

Elections Canada’s deadline for withdrawing candidates has passed, so Saini’s name will remain on the ballot and cannot be replaced by another candidate.


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