Chris Wallace Confronts Texas Governor Over Claiming He Will ‘Eliminate’ Rape – .

Texas governor quietly signs new law further restricting abortions – .

Fox News dimanche Host Chris Wallace has fought with the Republican governor of Texas over his state’s new abortion ban after six weeks of pregnancy, even in cases of rape or incest.
Speaking to Greg Abbott via satellite on Sunday, Mr Wallace questioned whether it was “reasonable” to only allow a rape victim six weeks from the time she became pregnant to decide whether to get a rape victim. abortion and planning and receiving the procedure, which for many women can mean a long trip to one of the few clinics in the state.

“Is it reasonable to say to someone who’s been raped and who might not understand that she’s pregnant, you know, up to six weeks: ‘Well, don’t worry because are we going to eliminate rape as a problem in the state of texas? ‘ Wallace asked, noting that there were nearly 15,000 reported rape cases across Texas in 2019, while adding that this figure was likely a significant underestimate of the actual number.

“Well, there are several things I have to say in response to this, but the first thing obviously is that survivors of sexual assault deserve support, care and compassion. And Texas is stepping up its efforts to make sure we deliver that by signing a law and creating a Sexual Assault Survivors Task Force in the governor’s office, ”Abbott replied. “But apart from that, Chris, I have to point out the ways in which I fought to go out and stop and apprehend and try to eliminate rape. I called for the death penalty for repeat rapists.

Mr. Wallace cut off the governor and again highlighted the number of rapes across the state. He then asked if Mr Abbott would support a bill drafted by a state GOP lawmaker to add an exception to the six-week abortion ban for rape and incest, a bill which, according to the governor, would not be passed by the legislature.

On the bill that reached his office, Mr Abbott said it “was not going to happen”, while defending the six-week period as sufficient for rape victims and incest victims to request an abortion. , although many women do not find out that they are pregnant until after this period has passed. .

Texas’ new law has become a focal point in the Conservative battle to roll back abortion rights, which saw a major victory in the Supreme Court last month when the court refused to prevent the law to enter into force. The Court is called upon to examine a case seeking the total annulment of Deer vs. Wade, the landmark Supreme Court case establishing abortion as a right, later this year.

Progressives urged President Joe Biden to respond to the situation by approving changes to the Supreme Court, including adding more judges to offset the court’s conservative majority, a plan Mr Biden has so far refused to support.


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