Chipotle will add smoked brisket to its menu for a limited time – .

Chipotle will add smoked brisket to its menu for a limited time – .

Chipotle Mexican Grill announced Tuesday the third new menu for this year: smoked brisket.
The last meat option will only be available for a limited time. Those who sign up for Chipotle’s loyalty program, which now has 24 million members, will be able to start ordering the smoked brisket through the channel’s app and website on Tuesday. By Thursday, it will be available in US and Canadian restaurants and for all users of the Chipotle app and website. Third-party delivery apps like DoorDash won’t offer an optional chest until Monday.

Chipotle has been working on making smoked brisket for two years. The company tested the limited-time option in Cincinnati and Sacramento almost a year ago before deciding to launch it nationwide. The brisket is made by smoking beef until tender, charring it on a grill, seasoning it with Mexican spices, and then garnishing it with a new sauce made from smoked peppers.

Earlier this year, Chipotle launched the optional limited-time cauliflower rice and digital-only entry quesadillas. Under the leadership of CEO Brian Niccol, who previously ran Yum Brands’ Taco Bell, the company has accelerated the addition of new menu items through a process it calls the front door test. The chain has been strategic with new releases, making many of them time-limited options to drive customer traffic to their restaurants and keep the menu from getting bloated.

Last month, Chipotle said it was testing meatless chorizo ​​in several markets.

“We have a lot of ideas, that’s one of the great things about Chipotle, and sorting through those ideas and figuring out which are the best is one of the biggest challenges. The Gateway process certainly helps us do that, ”Chipotle said Marketing Director Chris Brandt in an interview. “We get feedback from consumers along the way, but we also get feedback on finances and operations, because a great consumer idea that can’t be executed well in the restaurant is a very bad idea. “

The new article performed “extraordinarily well” in the test markets, Brandt said.

Time-limited menu items may return. It happened to Carne Asada. It started out in limited edition and was added to the menu again for a limited time in 2019 and 2020 as the company secured additional supply.

Supply chain challenges have hit restaurants around the world due to the ripple effects of the pandemic. Chipotle touts its strict supply chain standards, including offering responsibly raised beef without added antibiotics or hormones.

“It’s really hard to find responsibly raised, high quality beef in the large quantities that we need. But the good news is that we have succeeded. … This should run through November or December, depending on how things go, ”Brandt mentioned.

Chipotle shares have climbed 35% this year, bringing its market value to $ 52.9 billion.


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