China to create closed-loop bubble for Winter Olympics – .

China to create closed-loop bubble for Winter Olympics – .

The planned closed-loop management system in China, the IOC said, would encompass “all areas related to the Games, including arrival and departure, transport, accommodation, catering, competitions and ceremonies. ‘opening and closing’.

The IOC statement suggested that no one inside the system would be allowed to exit for any reason: “In the closed loop, participants will only be allowed to move between venues related to the Games. for training, competitions and work. A transport system dedicated to the Games will be put in place.

Those in the bubble will also be subjected to daily coronavirus tests.

Beijing’s 2022 vaccination requirement – or its almost unthinkable alternative of three weeks alone in quarantine for athletes on the eve of the Games – also represents an unprecedented step during this pandemic. No major sports league in the world has a mandate that all competitors be vaccinated or undergo a similar period of isolation of several weeks, most likely without access to training, before being allowed to compete. The IOC said on Wednesday that all vaccines recognized by the World Health Organization would be accepted and that athletes seeking medical exemptions would have their individual cases “considered”.

Many of the world’s top athletes are still unvaccinated, and it remains to be seen how many potential Olympians will decide to skip the Beijing Games or undergo a three-week quarantine rather than agree to the vaccination in order to access the Games. America’s athletes are already facing their own vaccination mandate: Last week, the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee announced that all of its athletes would need to be vaccinated by December 1 if they hoped to represent the United States. delegation next year to China.

Another departure from the Tokyo Games, where fans have been banned entirely, spectators will be allowed to visit competition venues in Beijing to some extent. But, according to the IOC, tickets will be limited to those residing in mainland China “who meet the requirements of COVID-19 countermeasures.” Details of those requirements, the organization said, were still under discussion.


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