CDC quietly removed school guidelines for mask removal, reversing COVID-19 prevention efforts – .

CDC quietly removed school guidelines for mask removal, reversing COVID-19 prevention efforts – .

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention quietly removed guidelines for the phase-out of masks and other COVID-19 mitigation efforts in schools, according to cached versions of the agency’s website.

The CDC made the changes when it updated its guidelineson indoor universal masking for students, staff, teachers and visitors to K-12 schools, regardless of their immunization status, on August 5.

“We believe our state, as well as the teachers’ unions, likely had an influence on this change,” Jonathan Zachreson, advocate for the full reopening of California schools, told Fox News. “It’s basically a mask indefinitely in schools forever, and there are no exit ramps. So it’s really disappointing to see that. ”

Teacher unions have already influenced changes to the CDC’s guidelines for schools, reports have shown.


CDC spokeswoman Jade Fulce told Fox News that the guidelines are “always revised based on the current epidemiology” and that the increase in the delta variant and low vaccination coverage in some communities has led to the changes.

But previous CDC guidance only suggested transitioning COVID-19 precautions, including masking students, as cases dwindle. Mitigation efforts would therefore remain in the event of an increase or a high infection rate.

Language in the agency ” Tips for preventing Covid-19 in K-12 schools“Intended to help school administrators and local health officials shift from prevention strategies as cases move to lower levels, was deleted after August 4, acached versionof the web page shows.

A note on the guide says it’s been updated to recommend indoor masking for everyone, but doesn’t mention that a language has been removed.

The CDC’s August 4 guidance said it was intended to help school administrators and local health officials determine which prevention strategies to use and how to go through “precautions against the COVID-19 pandemic as community transmission of COVID-19 is reaching low levels or stopping. ”

This part of the orientation is now gone.

CDC Guidance August 4

CDC Advice Now

Initially, the CDC’s guidelines included measures that could help schools decide which mitigation strategies to use. But these metrics have been removed.

Rather, the guidelines say that schools should determine what “additional” strategies should be used when monitoring transmission levels.

CDC Guidance August 4

CDC Advice Now

The August 4 CDC guidelines recommended that schools continue to hide and walk away, but noted that if they decide to scale back their prevention strategies, “they should remove them one at a time and monitor them closely.” .

This language has been completely removed.

CDC Guidance August 4

CDC Advice Now

The CDC had also recommended that school masking policies not conflict with any state laws or regulations. This part no longer appears on the site.

CDC Guidance August 4

CDC Advice Now

“They’ve removed all the exit ramps,” Zachreson, who heads the Reopen California Schools group, told Fox News. “So other mitigation measures, by removing masking – even if the prevalence of COVID drops to zero or vaccination rates increase – the CDC guidelines do not recommend removing these protocols for schools like they did before. ”

“I know this goes against what many infectious disease experts are telling us, especially here in California,” Zachreson continued. “It also stems from the fact that there was a conflict with… our state’s health department recommendations on masking. ”

Zachreson’s comments follow reports showing teacher unions influencing the CDC over its past school guidelines.


In May, theNew York Postreported emails the Americans for Public Trust watchdog group had received showing coordination between the White House Biden and teachers’ unions on reopening schools.

The Post’s report showed that in at least two cases the suggestions offered by the American Federation of Teachers were “almost verbatim adopted” in the final text of a CDC document on reopening guidelines released in February.

Earlier in September,Fox Newsreported emails obtained by Americans for Public Trust showing the CDC tightened its masking guidelines in May after receiving threats from a teachers’ union.


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