Cases Double in New Covid Outbreak in Southeast China

Cases Double in New Covid Outbreak in Southeast China

New local Covid infections have more than doubled in southeast China’s Fujian Province, which is battling the country’s latest coronavirus outbreak.

The National Health Commission said on Tuesday that 59 new locally transmitted cases had been reported for September 13, up from 22 infections a day earlier.

In just four days, a total of 102 community infections were reported in Fujian, a province bordered by Zhejiang to the north and Guangdong to the south.

The latest outbreak in China, which mainly affected Jiangsu, ended about two weeks ago, and no new local cases have been reported in the eastern province. This epidemic lasted for a month.

The Fujian epidemic began in Putian, a city of 3.2 million people, with the first case reported on September 10. Preliminary testing on samples from some Putian cases showed that patients had contracted the highly transmissible Delta variant.

The virus has since spread to the scenic coastal city of Xiamen, which reported 32 new local cases on September 13 from a single infection a day earlier.

Like Putian, Xiamen has locked down some areas at high risk of the virus, removed offline classes in kindergartens, elementary schools and high schools, closed public places such as cinemas, gymnasiums and bars, and has told residents not to leave town for non-essential reasons. .

However, the two cities have yet to announce strict city-wide closures, as seen in early 2020 in China.

Three new local cases were also reported in nearby Quanzhou city, up from six infections a day earlier.

Overall, mainland China reported 92 new confirmed cases of coronavirus for September 13, including imported infections, up from 49 a day earlier.

China has reported 20 new cases of asymptomatic coronaviruses, which it does not classify as confirmed infections, up from 28 a day earlier.

No new deaths have been reported.

As of September 13, mainland China had registered 95,340 confirmed cases, with the cumulative death toll remaining unchanged at 4,636.


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